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Twitter has launched its new "Twttr" app to simplify conversations

Twitter launches the beta version of its new Twttr app with the redesign of the answers, here's how to register

Twitter has launched its new Twttr app, available only to selected users: the purpose of the Twttr app, according to Twitter, to test the next features of Twitter, especially those that aim to make easier to read and participate in conversations. The idea probably stems directly from the founder Jack Dorsey who recently released an interview using his own twitter and had confessed to the journalist "I would not give Twitter a good vote in the management of conversations, I would give him a C" or just enough.

Twttr: new features

Apparently, the first new features in Twttr test relate to the design of conversations and responses on the platform. These features were first shown by Twitter at the beginning of this year and provide a thread design to the response interface:

twitter launches twttr

Twttr: how it works

Initially, the new Twttr app will focus on testing new layouts for conversations. The prototype app will show a different format for the answers, in which the conversations themselves will have a chat-like shape, more rounded and are stacked so that they are easier to follow. In the new design the answers are categorized by colors and this distinguishes between the original writer's responses and other Twitter users . In addition, the new design reduces the focus on engagement statistics. Involvement data, such as favorites and retweets, are now hidden from answers, as are sharing options.

This, says Twitter, serves to make the conversation display clearer and easier to follow. Elements related to engagement, sharing options and other tweet details are hidden from view to make it easier to read longer threads.

How to subscribe to the beta version of Twitter

The new Twttr app was launched for specific users, but you can subscribe to the list via this link , and Twitter will send instructions via email to download the beta app. Registrations were initially opened last month, but only now are the first invitations.