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TwitSnap? Twitter launches a new camera feature to reduce text

Twitter is redesigning its camera feature, designed to allow you to capture photos, videos and live footage and insert them into global conversations

Now, when you scroll to the left from the Twitter timeline, the new camcorder starts which is no longer hidden in the composer of tweets. After acquiring some elements, you can superimpose a position, a hashtag or some words on a colored label, but what is really special that Twitter will show this media in a wider and more engaging format in the feed with the images that appear before the text in the tweet.

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<p>Twitter is not launching the Stories or some feeds dedicated to photos to rival Instagram, but it wants to become a social network even more in real time on the world, <strong>and not just an interpretation of the world</strong>through the words of users. The improved camera could allow more people to capture media content, which is what <strong>could make Twitter more accessible to new users discouraged by texts</strong> endless. More visual content can also make it easier to insert visual listings into the feed.</p>
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See it? Tweet it! Our camera is just a swipe away, so you get the shot fast. Rolling out to you over the next few days.

– Twitter (@Twitter) March 13, 2019

Twitter states that it is not giving the tweets created with the camera an algorithmic boost in the main timeline, but a spokesman said that his team of human and technological curators might try to highlight Twitter Camera tweets in the live events section in the Explore tab. We'll see if media and brand organizations will try to take advantage of the new camera to stand out in the feed.

TwitSnap: how does it work?

When you scroll to the left on the timeline, you see a Snapchat-style camera shutter button that records photos with one touch and loop video for up to two minutes if you hold it. A mini-swipe and si can record videos or just live audio without any Periscope trademark (will the app simply become Twitter Live?). Twitter will recommend hashtags based on major events nearby. You can choose among six colors for the television news-style chyron superimposed on the tags that help Twitter to direct the content in the image carousels for its news sections.

For now, there are no stickers, filters, light enhancements or other creative tools in the Twitter camera as in the tweeter in the composer tweet (which also comfortably accommodates a connection to the new camera). Twitter states that he wants focus on the tags that will lead the content in the right conversations instead of beautifying the media, this is a different aspect than YouTube, which has just started producing filters for augmented reality.

TwitSnap: Twitter tries to catch up with rivals

Historically, Twitter has been extremely slow to launch product changes for fear of disturbing its loyal users. The move online with the recent twttr app for Twitter, newly launched prototype. Twitter finally seems to understand that waiting to perfect each function and the fear of experimenting has left Twitter behind its rivals.

Move towards a more visual communication, without debasing the platform and the value of the text, to pursue the trend of the Stories could make Twitter more comfortable for a world that increasingly speaks through images.