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The first 1 GHz computer at the end of the month

The first 1 GHz computer at the end of the month

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If the rumor were confirmed and Intel really respected the forecasts it would be a very significant victory for the largest chip maker in the world. In fact, the increasingly fierce competition of AMD, which had already made it known that by Athlon in the spring would have overcome the fateful threshold but that is not considered able to announce a product at this speed before the end of April, would have been known. , with the presentation of Athlon, the real race ever faster processors has become frantic. On the one hand, in fact, Intel's smallest and most agile competitor seems to be able, thanks to a more modern architecture, to increase the clock of its products with relative ease, on the other, Intel itself puts in all its know how to try to plug the flaws in your marketing system. The result is chain announcements but a real availability that is always less timely and respectful of the ads. Proof of this in the past few months when Intel was unable to secure Coppermine chip supplies near the Christmas holidays, arousing bad moods and threats from some of its most loyal allies, such as Dell. Problems that seem not to have plagued Athlon and its customers until now. Many people suspect that HP, which is part of Intel's "pasdaran" lot, can actually present a CPU based on a 1 GHz processor, but also that very few customers will actually be able to get their hands on it. In short, this would be a symbolic victory, as there are still very few chips on the market with much lower speeds (such as 750 MHz) and the 833 and 950 MHz still have not been seen.

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