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The best hashtags to use on Instagram

A collection of the best hashtags on Instagram in 2018, but also the new trends of the moment and the trends of this 2019.

The good management of an Instagram profile also involves a careful selection of hashtags to use: in this article, which ones are best hashtags of Instagram, with a look at last year and a focus on the trends of this 2019.

the best hashtags

The best hashtags to use on Instagram

894.9 million users worldwide, 19 million in Italy alone, and the fourth most legitimately occupied social media in 2018: these are just a few astounding numbers collected in the Digital 2019 report on Instagram, the social network dedicated to the world of photography.

Numbers that are not surprising: statistics show that the most popular content by users of the world wide web are those of type visual, with photos, videos but also stories, to make it the master today among the trends of the moment.

The consequence of this huge popularity collected month after month by the creature born from the minds of Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, and then acquired by the mammoth Facebook in 2012 for the sum of 1 billion dollars, that a brand that has a self-respecting presence on social media can not avoid taking into account even a profile on Instagram.To implement a good communication strategy on the social network of photographs with filters, it has become fundamental to select the best hashtags to use on Instagram. It has been estimated that 88% of Instagram brands use at least one hashtag in their posts, and that posts with at least one hashtag I am able to generate the 12.6% of engagement more

Letichetta, preceded by the pound sign, is no longer of fundamental importance for grouping contents based on common topics and features, as the Instagram tag is needed to:

  1. Increase the followers of a profile or the interactions with shared posts;
  2. Reach a broader target audience;
  3. Consolidate the image of your brand in the minds of consumers;
  4. Give more emphasis to the contents.

In general, up to 20 hashtags are added to Instagram posts, out of a total of 30 allowed by the social network, but to emerge from the good mass make a ranking of the best Instagram hashtags, and then also resort to the use of correlates.

But what are the most important hashtags to follow and use?

Best hashtag Instagram to offer the top ten list of best hashtag Instagram of 2018, and according to the well-known website dedicated to web marketing, among the most used hashtags last year we find:

  1. #love
  2. #instagood
  3. #myself
  4. #skin
  5. #tbt
  6. #photooftheday
  7. #instamood
  8. #iphonesia
  9. #food
  10. #motivation

Hashtag: meaning of the most popular on Instagram


Crowned the most popular of Instagram in 2018, the hashtag #love with its billion and a half and more of post enchants all the people of Instagram: people, friends, magnificent places, but also flowers, pets, or art and quotes. All that can capture a feeling as pure as love in one shot.


A step further down we find #instagood, which is the hashtag that marks a post containing a photo so beautiful that it cannot not be shared on the social network of photographs.


This category includes all selfies, but also i portrait taken by others: close-ups, smiling or charming faces are the typical post classified with this hashtag.


Together with love, tenderness cannot be missing: here, instead, all the posts with photos or videos of pets are labeled, but also children with almost porcelain faces find their place in this category of hashtags.


The less accustomed to the platform dedicated to photography and stories may not know this particular hashtag. It is an acronym, which stands for Throwback Thursday, to indicate a sort of return to the past. The Thursday day designated for this fun practice on Instagram but also on Facebook, Twitter and in general on the web, is therefore transformed into a day of memories: generally the user of Instagram uses this hashtag in association to a picture of the past, of childhood, of youth, or at least of an event that you want to remember and share with your Instagram friends.


Perfect hashtag to mark daily posts on Instagram, often alternated with younger brother #picoftheday, to indicate new daily content.


Emotions, sensations, particular atmospheres: everything concerning the sphere of a person's mood, represented by a photo shared on Instagram, can be found under this hashtag.


Unlike what you might think, #iphonesia is not a hashtag related to the smartphone signed by Apple: it is instead a label for the community of instagramers of Indonesia.


Photos of delicious dishes belong to this category: one of the best hashtags on Instagram to look for culinary inspirations, or to discover new places to visit to taste real delicacies.


A work station that has just been reached, a hard training to face or just finished, but also a healthier lifestyle, or a few quotations to better face the day and the difficulties of every day: these are the distinctive features of photos with hashtags #motivation .

Top hashtag top trends

Meanwhile, hashtags such as:

  1. #life
  2. #travel
  3. #fitness
  4. #repost
  5. #igers
  6. #instadaily
  7. #followforfollow
  8. #likeforlike
  9. #nofilter
  10. #ootd
  11. #fashion
  12. #fun

The best Instagram hashtags of 2019

Going back to the present, according to data, the most used Instagram hashtags of this year follow in the footsteps of last year, with an in-depth list that includes:

  • #love
  • #instagood
  • #photooftheday
  • #fashion
  • #beautiful
  • #happy
  • #skin
  • #tbt
  • # like4like
  • #followme
  • #picoftheday
  • #myself
  • #selfie
  • #summer
  • #art
  • #instadaily
  • #friends
  • #repost
  • #nature
  • #girl
  • #fun
  • #style
  • #smile
  • #food