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QNAP Qsirch 2.0, the full-text search engine

Qsirch 2.0, includes new file distribution features and allows search results to be displayed by file categories

QNAP Systems, Inc. presents Qsirch 2.0, updated to include new file distribution features and allow search results to be displayed by file categories, including photos, music, videos or documents. Enhanced with new optimized file distribution performance, fully compatible with the TS-531P QNAP NAS. Users will be able to customize the display of the distribution file based on the modification date, file size or other criteria. The new Qsirch 2.0 therefore able to perform the indexing of files as a background activity and allows an immediate sharing to improve the user experience. Qsirch 2.0 also adds support for the TS-531P QNAP NAS based on ARM.Qsirch 2.0 simplifies and speeds up the search for files on QNAP NAS, helping users to locate specific files in a large data archive using the keywords of content. Optimize overall experience by taking into account user responses and positive feedbacks received. "Through the analysis of user behavior, we learned that research activities require detailed and specific settings and viewing modes. Qsirch 2.0 has been updated with new features in order to get more precise search results and allow immediate file sharing and downloading, "said Cherry Chen, QNAP.Qsirch 2.0 product manager available at QTS App Center for all NAS models x86-based with at least 2GB of RAM. The ARM-based TS-531P requires at least 4GB of RAM.