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Olympus creates EyeTrek – Insight EI-10, the $ 1,500 open-source smartglass

Olympus is revitalizing the EyeTrek brand and launching the Insight EI-10, a $ 1,500, open-source product focused on smartglass uses.

Olympus is revitalizing the brand EyeTrek used at the end of the last century to sell a series of glasses-displays that were ahead of their time, as much as they were problematic. The company is not creating the newest EyeTrek – l 'Insight EI-10 – a $ 1,500 open-source product focused on smartglass uses.

EyeTrek – Insight EI-10 the open source smartglass from Olympus

The El-10 can be mounted on all types of glasses, from regular to protective workwear; has a tiny 640 x 400 OLED display which, semi-transparent, like for Google Glass, is positioned in the outer corner of the field of view when it is worn.

A small outward facing camera can capture photos and videos and even transmit video to a supervisor. The El-10 features the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean system and comes only with the naked operating system, as Olympus is pushing for the possibility of customizing it based on the wishes and needs of consumers; It also has a headphone or microphone socket (or both).

olympus EyeTrek - Insight EI-10

Olympus EyeTrek – Insight EI-10

Olympus EyeTrek – Insight EI-10, technical features

As for what you will be able to do, here are the boundaries in which it must operate: there are 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage, although Olympus says that about 4 GB will be needed for the operating system. It also features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chips (but not Bluetooth LE), and works thanks to the same Texas Instruments chip that runs in the 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD.

Olympus EyeTrek – Insight EI-10, autonomy

The battery life of the El-10 is only about 30-60 minutes, according to Olympus, but the 300mAh battery is easily replaceable and the device does not switch off immediately while being replaced. The latter is a nice find considering that any use of the El-10 will probably take place in a field work environment.

Olympus EyeTrek – Insight EI-10 more freedom for businesses

Olympus is trying to create a more open and customizable option for companies (or industries) that may be tired of more closed systems like the one sold by Vuzix or Epson. Obviously, the Olympus will not prevent individuals from buying it and will sell the El-10 on its website and on some consumer channels, albeit with a warning that, for better or for worse, this is not a new Google Glass.

olympus EyeTrek - Insight EI-10

Olympus EyeTrek – Insight EI-10