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Nikon D850, the highly flexible digital SLR

noviembre 9, 2019

Nital launched the Nikon D850 full-frame reflex, the perfect combination of resolution, speed and light sensitivity.

Whether it's nature photography, sports, commercial, wedding, fashion, whether it's shooting movies, the Nikon D850 offers photographers operating in highly competitive fields, the creative flexibility needed to excel. The fast sensor in full-format FX at very high 45.7 megapixel resolution made with on-chip gapless microlens technology that, together with the advantages of Cmos backlighting, offers exceptional sharpness of detail and an incredible dynamic range. The shutter speed of 7 fps can go up to 9 fps using the optional MB-D18 multi power battery pack.

Nikon D850 for video makers

Videomakers can then record full-format videos in 4K without the crop cropping factor: it widens the possibilities when looking for wider field angles to shoot with bright lenses. Furthermore, it is possible to record timelapse of 4K accelerated movies directly on camera

Other features of the Nikon D850

Among the other new functions, we mention: the acquisition in Raw format in three different sizes; the silent photography mode which makes it possible to take a picture without the sound / mechanical shutter of the shutter; the AF Pinpoint mode, available in Live View, with which it is possible to make the autofocus more accurate and selective as required, for example, in the case of macro photography. Furthermore, the Nikon D850 is the first digital SLR of all time to offer on camera the focus-stacking mode, which allows the realization of a series of sequential shots of the same shot, but with the motorized focusing plane in the displacement. This function is particularly useful in macro photography, when the close distance of the subject restricts the depth of field to a few millimeters, but also for artistic representations of naturalistic scenarios to be exalted in the extreme depth of field. Not only that: in addition to these, in fact, the Nikon D850 uses its effective 45.7 megapixels to create accelerated and spectacular 8K movies in post-production. Nikon D850 available from mid-September at the target price of 3,799 euros (body only) and 4,599 euros in kit with AF-S 24-120mm f / 4G ED VR.

Nikon D850

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