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Microsoft launches Cortana for iPhone and Android

noviembre 9, 2019

After several months of testing and version beta, the virtual assistant Microsft, Cortana, makes its official debut on competing platforms.

After several months of testing and version beta, lvirtual assistant by Microsft, Cortana, makes its official debut on competing platforms. You puscare the Cortana app for iPhone and for phones Android from the respective stores or through the Windows 10 companion app; it will also be integrated into the Cyanogen operating system. If the basic functions are analyzed, Cortana is a tool that allows you to retrieve reminders, notifications or simply to make individual requests. But the peculiarity of Cortana which has a set of different features depending on the platform that hosts it. On Android, thanks to the command Hey Cortana, it will be possible to ask any question and even send a text notification to the PC with Windows 10 installed. As you can understand, this last function will not be accessible to iPhone users, at least until they open their home at least a little iOS.As for what concerns Cyanogen, Cortana will answer questions even if you are using other apps and can change networks, switch off the phone or put it in silent mode. Does not reach all the potentialities that can be had with Cortana on Windows Phone, but you get very close. It was a fascinating experience to devise and design a personal assistant that would work on other platforms He says Marcus Ash, Microsoft's program manager for Cortana on the iPhone and Android. Microsoft has been working in Cortana since March and Ash's team was able to take advantage of notes from other multi-platform experiences such as Office, OneDrive is Skype. This safe project is more complex, just think of the complexity of how updates will occur to an app that has different characteristics depending on the platform on which it is installed. If you want to try Cortana on your mobile you will not need a device that supports iOS 8 or Android 4.1.2, minimum requirements, but you will have to wait some time: in fact the app is only available on the American and Chinese market. Here with us for the moment we will have to settle for that on PC.


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