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HP ZBook X2: features of the workstation that becomes a tablet

noviembre 9, 2019

The technical features of the HP ZBook X2 make it the most powerful convertible PC in the world: a workstation that becomes a tablet, designed for creative people

HP ZBook X2, according to HP, the most powerful convertible pc in the world. The new HP ZBook X2 was presented during the Adobe Max conference dedicated to creatives (and in which the new Adobe Creative Cloud 2018 suite was presented)

HP ZBook X2: a convertible workstation for designers

A non-random choice for the adobe launch event, given that the device aimed at the Adobe professional suite is specifically for people who need a high-performance product with which they can also use Photoshop, Lightroom and Illustrator and all software graphics , designr, videomaker and creatives. In short, a portable workstation with a removable screen created for design, the asking price of $ 1,749 in the United Statesnot light, but reflects the equipment and power of the instrument.

HP ZBook x2_characteristics_Tablet

HP ZBook x2 becomes a tablet

The HP ZBook X2 screen

What makes the HP ZBook X2 ideal for professional designers and illustrators is the advanced 14-inch 4K screen.

HP has chemically treated the screen to give it a particularly soft effect, compared to the usual shiny and reflective display; the anti-glare screen and has an accurate color calibration capable of rendering 100% of the Adobe RGB color spectrum. Everything makes us the HP ZBook X2 a beautiful canvas to work on and where even the zoom in the detail of the images is fluid and precise.

The particular effect of the screen texture makes the experience of drawing above it particularly pleasant. The convertible includes a stylus that HP claims is the most precise and expressive ever made and the company has partnered with Wacom to produce this digital pen capable of recognizing 4,096 pressure levels and identifying the use angle. A particularly interesting aspect of the stylus is the button / eraser on top that works like a real eraser, instead of simply eliminating the last action and the extremely realistic rubber effect.

HP ZBook X2 stylus and keyboard

With EMR magnetic technology adopted by HP, instead of bluetooth, the stylus does not need charging because it attracts charge when it interacts with the screen.

HP ZBook x2 features

HP ZBook x2 has a pen that communicates via magnetic protocol

Another appreciable feature of the device is the standard-size keyboard, which is quite guaranteed, given the price. The keyboard hooks easily and securely with the magnetic connection, but it takes a few seconds before the components synchronize, so it is better to wait a few moments before starting to write. The keys are decently spaced to facilitate precise writing. Even the good touchpad and easily recognizes the scroll with two fingers and the zoom. HP also provides a row of shortcuts, including home, end, page up, page down, so multitasking is simplified. The device also has shortcuts on the sides of the screen and each column has up and down controls that can also be programmed for functions such as opacity and brushes in the Adobe suite.

The design of the HP ZBook X2

HPZBook X2 looks tough and the aluminum and magnesium shell makes it solid, but also heavier than most tablets and even some laptops. Together with the keyboard the convertible weighs more than a 15-inch MacBook Pro. The ZBook X2 is comfortable to use when placed on a table, but can be carried in the hand or used on the legs can be a bit heavy.

HP ZBook x2 features - workstation

HP ZBook x2: the 2-in-1 convertible workstation

Cut corners and side ventilation give a rough look pleasant to the new device that rests on a two-fan cooling system which helps it not to overheat because of the high performance of the seventh-generation Intel Core i7 processor that reaches a clock speed of 4.2 GHz in turbo boost, flanked by a NVIDIA Quadro M620 graphics card. Even the 32GB of RAM makes the device fluid and powerful, even when more professional applications are open. In addition to the internal components, the ZBook X2 comes with USB-A, HDMI, Thunderbolt 3 and SD reader ports. To protect the investment required for a device of this type, the convertible designed to meet MIL-STD-810G durability standards.

HP ZBook x2 features

HP ZBook x2 – front

Other technical specifications HP ZBook X2

The rest of the specifications are pretty good: it has a fingerprint sensor, a 720p webcam that supports the Facial recognition Windows Hello for easy login and long battery life, which HP claims can allow you to work with the device for about 10 hours, with a charge of up to 50% in just 30 minutes.

HP ZBook x2 features

The HP ZBook x2 family

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