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How to protect children on YouTube

After the scandal with a child pornography background, YouTube will be correcting to improve its rules. Tips for defending children on YouTube.

the time has come to protect children on Youtube, YouTube, in fact, in the center of the storm after a user revealed the presence of thousands of videos with a child porn background on the online platform: the discovery of the youtuber MattsWhatItIs has shocked American public opinion and beyond. For this reason we must analyze some tricks and rules for allow children on YouTube not to be at risk and live the online experience without drama.

How to protect children on YouTube

How to protect children on YouTube, the inquiry

It all started when the user Matt Watson, known on the web as MattsWhatItIs, published a video showing the multitude of almost child pornographic videos on YouTube: in practice the American site allows not only the uploading of images with minors in poorly placed positions or in discreet clothes, but it suggests the vision among the recommended videos when you click on videos with children's protagonists.

The Youtube algorithm is making it easier for pedophiles to connect with each other, to exchange contact information and to connect to real child pornography in the comments – Watson said – I was able to access them starting from less harmless videos ten minutes, sometimes with less than five clicks.

Rules to defend children on Youtube

The investigation the youtuber has made sure that the American site deleted thousands of videos and at least 400 suspicious accounts in a few hours. Comments of this kind are aberrant and we work to report illegal behavior to the police, "YouTube spokesmen said after the scandal. The first council so for those who come across this type of video on the online platform: immediately report a video or an equivocal comment with the appropriate Report button that appears when you click on the icon with three dots below the videos. Once selected you can let moderators know what kind of rules the material is in: child abuse, or abuse of minors, one of the selectable options.

Tips for parents on Youtube

Those who have underage children or are dealing with children who connect on YouTube, can choose the mode Restricted Mode to prevent minors from going on channels with inappropriate material or for adults. On the page of your account on the site (viewable after clicking on the personal icon in the upper right), you will find the Restricted Mode button at the bottom: basic on Off, but it will be enough to move it up on to have more automatic control. Although not always one hundred percent sure, this feature a start to protect children on YouTube.

YouTube rules on minors

In any case, the rules of the American site prevent anyone under the age of thirteen from registering on the site. Unfortunately, the restriction can easily be overcome, so the advice is always to surf the internet with the presence of an adult when you are under fourteen. Another option is to let children use only the application on YouTube YouTube Kids which houses only films designed for the little ones. free and proposes material created for the little ones: depending on the age indicated, the homepage changes to show contents suitable for the age of the user.

Family filter on PC and smartphone for Youtube

In addition to the precautions due to common sense, electronic devices often allow the installation of a family filter to prevent minors from going to prohibited contents. Both iPhone and Android phones allow, passing by Settings / Settings, to choose the family filter, or an automatic control that prevents you from making purchases, using certain apps or visiting certain sites. A great way to protect children on YouTube and the internet and prevent them from getting into unhealthy content like those found by videomaker American who started the scandal.

by Andrea Indiano