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Carmen, the sensor that predicts when the car will break

No more car breakdown thanks to the startup Carmen of Singapore that launches an app to monitor on-board diagnostics and prevent damage and breakdowns

Now you can predict the failures of your cars as long as you have a Toyota, a Nissan or a Honda. Carmen, a Singapore startup, is implementing projects to make cars smarter and to reach this goal is exploring the potential of the cloud. A bit like the Verizon Hum service in the US, Carmen uses a diagnostic reader. on board, a dongle, connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. In this way the data provided by the car are read through an app and then uploaded to a cloud that analyzes them, providing data to the driver in real time. If you are in danger or in case you are about to run into an air because of the battery or engine notification will appear via SMS or an alert via mobile application. It will also be possible to consult the trip history through an online dashboard. In the event of a failure, in a future version of Carmen, the user will have the opportunity to contact a workshop directly, so as to be able to proceed quickly with the repair.Carmen car sensorIt must be remembered that not all such simple and straightforward obtaining this service, OBD diagnostic tools are only available in cars built after 2009 and Carmen works exclusively on Toyota, Honda and Nissan, although it is said that soon other brands will be able to use them. The three brands have been identified as the most prevalent in Asia, particularly in Indonesia and Thailand; in the future the Australian market will also be able to enjoy it. Before any other launch, Carmen will be available in her homeland in Singapore. The company plans to sell its dongle for around 120 SDGs, equal to 90 USD or 120 AUD, while the online service will have an annual subscription of 40 SDGs, equal to 30 USD or 40 AUD, to use the analysis service of the cloud.

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