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Bootcamp Digitalent: imagine the Milan Smart of tomorrow

noviembre 9, 2019

Saturday 16 March, during the Milan Digital Week, SAS organizes the Digitalent Bootcamp dedicated to students and citizens to imagine the Milan Smart of 2025

How do teenagers imagine the city they live in five years from now? Are they aware that information technologies and artificial intelligence are already transforming it? How can they be protagonists of this change?

Answering these questions is one of the keys to begin to imagine in a concrete way the future of the Lombard capital and, in general, of our cities.

For this, SAS organized the Digitalent Boot Camp: Saturday 16 March, from 9.00 to 13.00 at the SAS headquarters in Milan in Via Darwin 20, high school students and citizens will actively participate in the design of the smart city.

An event for the Milan Digital Week

Levento inserted in the agenda of the Milan Digital Week, which this year tackles the urban intelligence theme, with the idea that the city is nourished and grows and becomes, in fact, smart thanks to the forces, the differences and the relationships between individuals and the community. And intelligence, of course, is activated and acquires value along with education, training and teaching.

The digital therefore transforms intelligence itself and intelligence transforms digital. therefore, it is essential, especially for adolescents, to dominate the new instruments at the base of change as much as possible.

Digitalc bootcamp

Bootcamp Digitalent: how it works

With this in mind, the Digitalc Boot Camp conceived as a co-design event, in which thoughts and aspirations become protagonists and big data, connected objects and artificial intelligence, the enabling factors for the transformation of our cities.

During the bootcamp, participants will discover the technologies that enable the intelligent transformation of our cities (data, analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Machine Learning) and will kick off sessions to imagine the smart Milan of 2025, supported by experts in technology, education and smart cities.

The result? More aware boys and protagonists of the transformation of the cities.

Bootcamp Digitalent: how to participate

Appointment, therefore, Saturday 16 March, from 9.00 to 13.00: the free bootcamp and subject to availability. To participate, registration is required via the event website:

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