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Apple: two new full-screen iPhones in 2018

Two new iPhones coming soon: one of 6.1 and one of 6.5 inches. According to KGI Securities, we will see the new apple models in full range next year

Now that the iPhone X has come out, it's time to start talking about iPhone rumors for next year. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, whose forecasts on the iPhone have proven to be quite reliable in recent years, says he expects to see at least two new full-screen iPhones next yearOne will be equipped with a 6.5-inch OLED display, making it basically a Plus version version of the iPhone X, and the other will have a 6.1-inch LCD display, which will probably make it more like a full-screen version. of the current iPhone.

2 New iPhone coming soon

In his research, reported by MacRumors, Kuo writes that Apple hopes to "meet the various needs of the high-end market," expanding the full-screen product line. On the higher end there will be the 6.5-inch OLED iPhone, in the one just below what will be an updated version of the iPhone X with 5.8-inch OLED X and finally there may be a 6.1-inch iPhone LCD. Kuo expects the 6.1-inch phone to be priced between $ 649 and $ 749 and will have a less dense screen resolution, giving it a worse picture.

New iPhones: one of 5.1 and one of 6.5 inches

If Apple presented a 6.1-inch LCD iPhone, $ 749 would seem too few, considering that in the United States the iPhone 8 has a base cost of $ 699 and the 8 Plus starts at $ 799. The 6.1-inch phone sounds like a step up from the existing Plus model, so it would make more sense to sell it for, for example, $ 899, between an updated version of the Plus and an updated version of the X. Of course, it is possible that Apple decides to be more aggressive in pricing in bringing new technologies to its product line, but is currently unlikely.

2 new full-screen iPhones 2018 rumors

Two new on-screen iPhones are coming in 2018. Photo by KGI Securities