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Why do I see this Post? Facebook explains how it organizes the news feed

The function because I see this post? describes in detail how the company algorithm assigns priority to certain posts in the feed

Why do I see this post? We asked ourselves so many times … How really organized is the Facebook news feed? The social media algorithms are notoriously mysterious, but Facebook, now, wants to change things. The technology giant announced via a blog post the why do i see this post?, the function that explains why a friend's post, group or page is popping up on your news feed. This is a sort of expansion of the 2014 function why do i see this announcement?, which offered the same function, but exclusively for announcements.

why do i see this post? feed facebook

Because I see this oPost the new feature that explains how Facebook organizes the news feed

This is the first time we have provided information on how the ranking works directly in the app, Facebook Product Manager Ramya Sethuraman said in the blog. You will be able to take advantage of posts and ads in the news feed, get context on why they appear and take action to further customize what you see.

"Why do I see this post?" – Available in May for all users

The "Why do I see this post?" Feature even though it was announced a day before April 1, not an April Fool, a Facebook spokesman said. According to the spokesman, this week the function will begin to be released and will be available to all Facebook users by mid-May. The function will show which data led to prioritizing a personal feed post. How often they like a person's posts and how often they are involved with different media such as videos, photos or text are some examples of information that helps to highlight a post.

In the blog, Sethuraman said that you will be able to let Facebook know which metrics you want to have the most weight in deciding what to show in the feed and where.

This move for greater transparency comes soon after Mark Zuckerberg wrote an editorial for the Washington Post explaining that Facebook he may need regulations to help deal with his own huge responsibilities.

Lawmakers often say that we have too much power over conversations, wrote Zuckerberg, and honestly, I agree: I have come to believe that we should not make so many important decisions about how conversations take place on our own.