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Tik Tok: the complete guide to the new social beloved by young people

noviembre 8, 2019

Tik Tok an ideal app to waste time, with its challenges, duets, memes. Loved by young people not so simple to use, but fortunately here you tune a complete guide to Tik Tok

Tik Tok the fastest growing social network, a global video community, made up of short videos, born from, here you will find a complete guide to Tik Tok even for those who have never heard of it.

Tik Tok App

Tik Tok app

Tik Tok how it works

Just like YouTube and Twitch, Tik Tok opens on a page that recommends some of the most popular hashtags and content creators. The app full of people, mostly teenagers, who they are filmed based on famous songsand edit their videos with often hilarious effects. There are more than 500 million people using the app, and new personalities and trends are born every day. The homepage a good place to start the journey inside the Tik Tok app, but not the place where Tik Tok's real fun is.

Tik Tok full of community built around specific niches, such as games and humor. If you find the ones you like, you have more fun. Here is a guide for new ones explorers of the platform.

Tik Tok: Glossary

To fully understand Tik Tok, you need to know the jargon: here are some basic terms that will be repeated very often.

  • Duetduets are a fundamental part of the Tik Tok experience. how to remix a song: users can take the video of another person and add their own. how to create a joke and give another person the chance to give the final joke. For example, someone can post a video of themselves while waving their arms and other TikTok users can take this video and add themselves by performing a corresponding action. Here are some examples:
  • Cringethe Cringes have characterized Tik Tok for some time. The Cringe videos they generally refer to someone who behaves embarrassingly or ridiculously dressed while trying to act normally. For a while, YouTube creators took the most stupid Cringe videos and built reaction videos that revolved around them. Now, however, many people have embraced the idea of ​​having fun creating content which then generate video cringe and duets.
  • ChallengesTik Tok thrives on challenges. What is meant by challenge:many Tik Tok users shoot videos and emulate a certain action, such as the challenge of the stair step, where they dance on a scale in strange ways. These are often trends created by the community, although they may also take the form of sponsored hashtags. Challenges are a simple way for people on Tik Tok by feel part of the community.


Tik Tok an eclectic world. There are gamers, dancers, comedians, athletes, singers, actors, influencers and kids obsessed with memes. difficult to navigate, but a good start it can be diving into challenges and hashtags to find the TikTokers you are attracted to. Most of the categories are rather self-explanatory; for example, gamers and athletes show choreographic dances and memes concerning these interests.

You can come across them in terms that are more confusing, however. Eboy or egirl, for example, refer to famous creators of Tik Tok who embody an online character (ie when the grunge and punk aesthetic meets the souls and the boys of Gen Z who love rap.) Here for example Jacob Sartorius, one of the first great protagonists of, the app that preceded Tik Tok.

Tik Tok the home of constantly changing memes, just like it was once Vine. Know Your Meme has a large database of the most popular memes that have appeared on the platform in recent months. a good place to start digging if you want to have a better idea of ​​what the TikTok culture is like. also a good place to try to find interesting creators to follow more closely.

Tik Tok guide

Tik Tok: best creator

Influencer and creator are the heart of every social platform, I am what supports YouTube, Instagram and also Tik Tok. Collaborations between content creators are also an integral part of the creator's experience. Follow some of the most popular creator of the app a way to get an idea of ​​what else is there to see.

impossible to make a list that covers all the niches of TikTok. There are, however, some communities that tend to cross each other, like those related to humorous and duet content. Here is a list of some of the main creators for various categories that are worth adding to your list:

Mia (@mmiiaax): humorist and lifestyle creator YouTube

James Henry (@jameshenry): humorist and YouTube creator who often collaborates with TikTokers

Watch Her Bake (@watchherbake): unique and extravagant cooking channel

Pepperoni Joe (@pepperonijoe): humorist known for his duets with other prominent TikTok personalities

Drea (@dreaknowsbest): humorist and collaborator who often appears in James Henry's videos

Zoe your Homie (@zoeisyourhomie): best known for his duets, anime content and ironic videos on TikTok

Tooty McNooty (@tootymcnooty): animator and creator of memes

(@ mz0915): use the wilderness to create an abbreviated form of ASMR

Samiches3652 (@ samiches3652): Best Buy employee who presents technological memes

Juicy (@juiceesaft): humorist quickly became one of TikTok's most important creator

the dark knight (@ drkknght2113): humorist who often jokes about his everyday life

Ashton Hooper (@manofashton): actor who performs movie and cartoon scenes

Hold The Elevator (@holdtheelevator): humorist who often creates long sketches


The first thing that Tik Tok offers users is the page For you, which acts as the homepage. Users they can scroll down and browse the most viral contents of Tik Tok as the social media presents them. the best place for beginners to start trying to figure out what TikT offers. But after spending 30 minutes running, he arrives time to take care of followings in a way more suited to oneself, to one's own interests

There are a few simple ways to navigate directly to the Tik Tok Per Te page and find content related to any video that attracts attention.

Tik Tok: the songs

Because many gods meme of TikTok are directly linked to the song that is playing, searching for a song also specifies a great way to see different interpretations of a challenge or a meme. A recent example Oh na na na by Harsha Patel. His song was used in more than 78,000 videos, with most focused on a specific dance: the Foot Dance Challenge. An example can be seen in the video below:

This also works for remixed versions of songs, which could be related to a specific challenge that revolves around you. For example, the Pretty Boy Swag Challenge uses the song by Soulja Boy, but the remixed version of the song with audio warping, the one that in the end is used more.

Hashtags and challenges

Tik Tok works practically with the hashtag. what makes the app so fun. Everything in common, and everyone is encouraged to be part of it. Click on the hashtags, especially those generated around the challenges, an easy way to find out what people are using.

Many videos often include a hashtag #For you in an attempt to be inserted on the page. Just like any other app, get to the first page fundamental to make a viral video on Tik Tok and to get followers additional. Considering that Tik Tok is examining the possibility to insert advertising directly in the app, monetization for Tikokers not far away e the use of hashtag fundamental to ensure spectators.

Tik Tok like any other site when it comes to recommending videos to watch: is based on an algorithm. If you watch 20 videos of a specific challenge, the next time you open the app, For You could be flooded with nothing but videos of that specific challenge.

How the Tik Tok algorithm works

Just like on YouTube, you don't need to be logged in or have a Tik Tok account to track what you are watching. Tik Tok tends to group a group of related videos, therefore advises them to specific users who think they can appreciate them.

This is useful when it comes to exploring niche content. Users who are particularly interested in watching Naruto memes and videos probably contents of a specific creator community will be shown, but it also means that it's easy to get stuck in a bubble and not see what the rest of the community is doing.

Tik Tok adapts quickly to your tastes to offer the most relevant, interesting, amusing, eccentric videos you would never want to stop watching, reads a description on the Tik Tok page of iOS.

The way to get around the algorithm and make sure you see an eclectic assortment of content to treat TikTok as Instagram, not YouTube. We must not rely only on the front page for trendy videos. Instead, you need to spend a few minutes exploring different hashtags, featured creators and even viral songs.

Tik Tok has a search and exploration page, just like Instagram, which can be accessed at the bottom of the screen. The section edited by Tik Tok staff and changes every day. There is a section for all the categories mentioned above, including popular hashtags, content creators, viral sounds and challenges. Spend time browsing these topics will help to balance what the algorithm wants to show.

Tik Tok and the PRIVACY

Tik Tok accounts are automatically set to public when people first register on the app. Fortunately, on TikTok relatively simple to make your account private if you don't want all videos posted to be publicly available. Switching to private mode will still allow people to see the username if it is searched, but they will first have to ask to be able to follow you to watch your videos.

Making the account private is a good way to ensure that only friends are able to see what you are posting, but it also removes some of the features that make TikTok special. People with private accounts they cannot perform duets, for example, so it could limit their participation in the app. For people who just want to watch Tik Tok videos and not actually contribute, this won't be a big deal.


Push notifications can be a nuisance, and this also applies to TikTok. Receive numerous push notifications during the day they have nothing to do with your account or the people you follow it can be annoying and it is almost always irrelevant notifications designed to open the app.

Push notifications can be disabled, for. If you use the app once a day or once a week, you don't need push notifications, simply deactivate them or never activate them.


The best way to understand and learn Tik Tok explore it and find what works for each one. Once you open TikTok, it's easy to find a fun niche.

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