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Smartphone market: Q3 '19 positive thanks to Samsung and Huawei | Canalys and IDC

Update 08/11

The smartphone market is back to growth: after the data provided by Canalys (original article to follow), here come other confirmations, this time from IDC. According to the research company, the increase would be 0.8%, with 358.3 million units shipped worldwide (NB: these are estimates, and for this reason the values ??reported by the various companies may not coincide completely).

Emerging countries are pushing the market – India in the first place, but also China, which is preparing for the Singles' Day of 11/11. In short, according to IDC:

  • Samsung: + 8.3% | 78.2 million smartphones
  • Huawei: + 28.2% | 66.6 million
  • Apple: -0.6% | 46.6 million
  • Xiaomi: -3.3% | 32.7 million
  • Oppo: + 4.1% | 31.2 million

Original article – 31/10

We remained at 368 million smartphones sold in Q2 2019, -1.7% (Gartner data) compared to the previous year. And so also in the previous quarters, with negative percentages in the first quarter (IDC, Gartner and Canalys) and throughout 2018 (HERE our overall analysis). In other words: the market has been stagnating / declining for some time. However, the third quarter of 2019 brings with it a surprise, small, yes, but certainly significant: the downward trend stops, and the sector marks a shy one + 1% compared to Q3 of the previous year and touches 352.4 million smartphones shipped (against 348.9 million in Q3 2018).


In first place we find Samsung, strong for a quarter (IM and smartphone side) in recovery thanks to the good sales performance of Galaxy Note 10 and its Plus version (THIS is the review of the 6.3 "model, HERE instead that of 6.8").

South Korean company grows by 11 percentage points, sending 78.9 million smartphones in the last quarter compared to 71.3 million in Q3 2018. The market share rises by 2%, reaching 22.4%. The challenge for Samsung – he says Canalys who worked on the study – it's now 5G, especially with regards to the need to anticipate Qualcomm to bring new generation modems on mid-range smartphones.


Ban or not ban, Huawei grows, and does it at a fast pace: + 29%, with 66.8 million smartphones shipped and a market share that goes from 14.9% in Q3 2018 to the current 19%. The success of the Chinese company is nothing new: only a few days ago the goal of 200 million smartphones shipped was announced, and the latest financial results are more than positive. However, great credit goes to the domestic market, where it grew by 66% on an annual basis and reached 41.5 million smartphones shipped. A significant figure, which allows us to estimate the weight that the domestic market has on Huawei's economy in 66.8%.


Respectively third and fourth strength of the market, both register a minus sign in shipments: -7% Apple, -3% Xiaomi. The market shares tapered (12.3% and 9.2%, in Q3 2018 they were 13.4% and 9.6%), as well as the number of smartphones shipped: in the third quarter of this year, the Cupertino company reached 43.5 million (as it completes the fiscal results just published), while Xiaomi stopped at 32.5 million (both falling: in Q3 2018 they were 46.9 and 33.4 respectively millions).


Closes the ranking before the final "Others" entry Oppo, up 6% with 32 million smartphones shipped in the quarter and a market share of 9.1%, up half a percentage point compared to Q3 2018.