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Samsung Galaxy S9 release announced for February

Samsung Galaxy S9 scheduled release in February. The price of the super smartphone exceeds 1,000. Advances on technical characteristics

The Samsung Galaxy S9 coming out. The next Android phone of the Korean electronics giant could be presented in February, with previews at the Ces of Labs Vegas. The price of the SAMSUNG Galaxy S9 will be above 1,000 euros.

Samsung Galaxy S9 released in Italy

Samsung Galaxy s9 outgoing

Several rumors have followed one another about the release of the Samsung Galaxy S9, the possibility of seeing the Galaxy S9 already in January, at CES, instead of the Unpacked event, but now it would seem not to be so, even if Samsung could present a new device at CES, perhaps the much discussed folding phone.

Samsung could present two versions of the Samsung Galaxy S9 – a regular S9 and a larger S9 +, which seems plausible, considering that the company has done the same in the last two years with the S7 and S8 models.

Samsung Galaxy S9 design

Although there were no substantial news leaks regarding the release of the Galaxy S9, there was still a good deal of rumors regarding its release. According to reports, the phones will be supplied with "enhanced camera systems" and could to be launched already in March.

Many suggest that the new phones will look similar to the S8 and S8 +, so those expecting a complete redesign may be disappointed. Some rumors have suggested the possibility of one screen extending to the base of the phone (a total display), as for the iPhone X, but with a thin frame on the top for the ffront camera, the IR sensor, lo iris scanner and other sensors.

Samsung S9 Features

The famous mobile phone leaker and 3D concept artist Benjamin Geskin have made a mock up of what the new smartphone could look like.

Samsung Galaxy S9 advances

Last month, a 3D CAD file of a device labeled as SamsungGalaxy S9 seems to be leaked online. The image shows a phone with two vertically aligned cameras and a fingerprint sensor below them instead of next to them. Of course, there is also the possibility that it does not even have a fingerprint sensor.

Samsung Galaxy S9 technical sheet

There was no lack of rumors regarding the technical specifications, including:

– A Snapdragon 84 chip5 or Exynos 9810 (or both)

– An improved display 5.8-inch Super AMOLED and 6.2 inches

– A more advanced 3D sensor for the Facial recognition

As indeed will be the new Galaxy S9 all to see, despite the different voices and the only thing on which we can be quite certain that it will be a device in direct competition with the iPhone X.

Samsung Galaxy S9 price

The price it could even be $ 1,000 and s, it would be crazy, but the iPhone X and the Galaxy Note 8 have already shown that a $ 1,000 phone also offers a lot of value in terms of specifications. And the price is not as crazy as it seems, especially if you buy the device with an installment plan.

Samsung S9 when it comes out

likely that the exit of the Samsung Galaxy S9 represents the first announcement of a flagship phone for 2018.