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QVR Pro: QNAP signed video surveillance

QVR Pro a new application for professional video surveillance, now available in Beta version with many new features

QNAP presents QVR Pro: all video surveillance functions are offered in a new application that guarantees ease of use and the possibility to set custom rules and notifications. Each user can thus respond promptly and effectively to the monitored events.

Qnap video surveillance software

The new software provides an independent recording platform within the classic QTS that allows for storage expandability and introduces flexible storage space management features. The QVR Pro Client software also allows live monitoring with faster playback functionality in a single view, improving and simplifying the user experience.


Experience QVR Pro

The new QVR Pro Client software simplifies surveillance workflows. The user can define the rules of recording management, in an environment that makes simplicity its strong point.

QVR Pro interface

QVR Pro has renewed the traditional surveillance system, offering an integrated monitoring mode that covers both real-time display and reproduction. The Client supports multiple channels in a single display and allows you to quickly reproduce the films with a minimum buffering time. With the unified monitoring user interface, the activity of surveillance is efficient and easy.

Quality recording and independent environment

The software provides an independent operating environment for recording, separate storage space and versatile storage management functions from QTS. Even running QVR Pro within QTS at the same time, the Nas QNAP ensures data security without performance interference. It is possible to assign cameras of all resolutions up to those in 4K to the event recording activities and save the clips on different Raids made up of both Sata disks dedicated to video surveillance and SSD disks, all to have the maximum video quality recorded independently of the write speed.

Rules automatically defined in QVR Pro

QVR Pro updates the event management functions and provides notifications of snapshots of the images, as well as alerts via SMS and email. With the new snapshot feature, it helps you make decisions quickly. it is also possible to set event notifications by defining automatic actions. The innovative If Event the Action rule mechanisms allow multiple actions to be activated simultaneously and it is much easier to define rules than other network automation services. You can customize the monitoring rules, events and actions, making QVR Pro an automated video surveillance service.


QVR Pro categorizes camera-related events, recording space and custom situations. You can add a new event with built-in lists or define a specific title and actions. A rule can include multiple events and multiple actions simultaneously.

ActionQVR Pro

QVR Pro actions include camera activities and notifications. When an event is detected, the rules activate specific cameras to start recording, start alarm devices and send notifications to users. An event can trigger several actions simultaneously, for timely reactions.

Camera control

QVR Pro offers the automatic search of the camera with transverse segments in the local network (Lan). You can simply enter the network and the software will find and display all the IP cameras with precise information within the same Lan. It also supports multi-streaming recording that offers different video resolution feeds and reduces the use of network bandwidth.