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Project Felix, the set of Adobe for 3D modeling

Project Felix the new Adobe toolbox, developed specifically to allow graphic designers to create 3D models

The Project Felix is ??the new Adobe toolbox, specifically developed to allow graphic designers to create photo-realistic compositions capable of combining 2D images with 3D assets in an efficient and immediate way. Working with 3D tools can be problematic and for this reason Adobe has decided to simplify the processes, allowing to associate the acquired skills of Adobe tools with the benefits of 3D creations. After the announcement by Microsoft aboutPaint 3D application upgrade happened last week Adobe decides not to stand still and watch its competitors and presents its own set of tools for creating 3D models.

The first release of Project Felix will allow you to place 3D objects on any background image.

Here is the official comment from Adobe:We are introducing new and intuitive ways of working to make traditionally complex workflows a means of improving your productivity. Moreover, working with high fidelity 3D models it will be possible to easily adjust the perspective, the lighting as well as the materials in order to obtain the desired final appearance. It will allow us to iterate quickly with the result of being able to obtain beautiful photo-realistic images.

As with the Microsoft Remix3D 3D resource platform, Adobe is releasing a wide variety of high quality models with lights and materials specifically optimized for Project Felix. And every available resource will be found on Adobe Stock.

The debut of Project Felix planned in conjunction with the Adobe MAX 2016 and is expected to be made available for download towards the end of the year. A paid version of Creative Cloud will also be included. The first release will be in English only.

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