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Microsoft: Windows 10 is about 400 million devices

Microsoft – at the Ignite conference in Atlanta, Georgia – released data on devices that use Windows 10,

Windows 10 was installed on something like 400 million active devices. This is an increase compared to 300 million in May and 207 million at the end of March. To define the features of the active devices, account was taken of those who used the operating system at least once during the last 20 days and involved PCs, tablets, phones, but also the Xbox One, HoloLens and Surface Hu consoles. Microsoft has a very specific goal: to reach the billion devices equipped with Windows 10 by 2018, but for now from the upper floors of the company it is hard to believe that it is possible for us to do so within the time limits hypothesized. Redstone 2, a security feature that should involve the Containers directly integrated into Edge. It is an isolation technology, with the code name Barcelona, ??which by isolating the malware codes will not allow them to attack the network and the operating system. Barcelona was renamed by Microsoft Windows Defender Application Guard or the Windows Defender application guard, which will be launched in beta in agreement with some customers who have shown an interest in evaluating its effectiveness. Microsoft has made it known that the Windows Defender Advanced and Office for Office 365 mutually exchange deep learning data. These services make it possible to identify and prevent advanced attacks. At the beginning of 2017 the ATP for Office 365 will be extended to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business. Users will be given the opportunity to receive emails through which the links will be analyzed in real time via the URL Detonation, the detonation of internet addresses.

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