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Linkedin App: discover the 6 most useful to your business

If you have never heard of all of the following LinkedIn apps, it's not surprising, they are not all extremely common, it is worth thinking about taking advantage of their useful features.

The world is increasingly migrating to mobile computing and LinkedIn has developed apps to meet the growing demand for agile tools. According to LinkedIn, over 60% of its users use the mobile app to access the site and this is a huge change from a couple of years ago. when users accessed the platform mainly from the desktop computer.

linkedin app

Here are some of the most popular LinkedIn apps for mobile devices and all are available for free download. LinkedIn app for mobile devices

LinkedIn has developed apps for iPhone and Android smartphones, while versions for Blackberry and Windows have been officially withdrawn. The free LinkedIn app allows you to connect seamlessly to your LinkedIn account from your phone. The app well designed, fast and easy to use and allows you to check messages, invite people to connect, review updates and send messages to contacts.

LinkedIn mobile app

At the bottom of the screen you can easily access the main LinkedIn functions: home, My network, messages, notifications and job announcements. These functions probably amount to 80% of the actual use users make of LinkedIn, but they are certainly not the only ones available. Messaging on LinkedIn an effective way to start conversations with contacts that could become customers or partners. The app also allows you to update your profile and view your network statistics, including who viewed the profile, the views of the posts and the number of times they appeared in the searches.

LinkedIn SlideShare

One of LinkedIn's hidden gems that works well on mobile devices SlideShare, an app and a website where you can upload presentations, infographics, PDFs and documents. You can also upload videos if they are included in the presentation. but you can't upload videos directly to SlideShare.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning has thousands of online courses and videos covering every aspect of the business. The content divided into Categories, Software and Learning Paths.You have full access to LinkedIn Learning when you have a premium account. The Learning app can be downloaded for free, but to access the content you need a premium account or a subscription. You can follow the online courses or download them for offline viewing from the mobile app. useful to have the courses on mobile when traveling or to take advantage of the free time of the day on the move.

Premium app

LinkedIn has several premium apps that are worth evaluating (and may be worth paying the cost, depending on your needs). These apps work only with paid subscriptions.

LinkedIn Recruiter

The Recruiter app cto access the tools of the LinkedIn Recruiter subscription. The app allows you to search and review candidate recruitment profiles, respond quickly to candidates and stay up to date. Although not a replacement for the full desktop version Recruiter, allows you to stay in touch while away from your computer.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator the leading tool of LinkedIn for sales professionals it helps to find contacts and accounts in the target market, to connect and send messages to potential customers and get real-time updates as you travel.

With Sales Navigator, you can follow targeted companies and key members of such organizations so that you can immediately discover news or important changes in your staff.

It can also be created targeted LinkedIn searches with extensive search fields that run 24 hours a day with alerts once a day when an ideal perspective is found. Just open the alert and view the potential customer's LinkedIn profile to decide if you want to connect and start a business relationship.

To use this app you need a paid subscription to Sales Navigator. Visit to view the latest service offers and prices.

LinkedIn Elevate

LinkedIn Elevate a tool for large companies that create and share a lot of content on social media. This app available only for employees of participating companies. Visit for more information.

When employees create content on social media for their company, they add it to the Elevate app so that all company members can share them on their accounts. This is a great way to create a viral effect on social media if a sufficient number of employees share it in a timely manner. With a huge initial boost from employees, social media networks see the trend of content, thus increasing the visibility of the content, potentially showing it to millions of other people.