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Kristen Stewart (the Twilight actress) presents a study on artificial intelligence

Kristen Stewart, a protagonist in the Twilight series, has applied AI in her screenplay debut of Come Swim.

Kristen Stewart achieved success thanks to her starring role in the Twilight series. Few people know that Kristen Stewart cultivates a profound interest in artificial intelligence and has worked on drafting a document that aims to use AI technology to create art, and in particular she applied AI in her debut in the screenplay of Come Swim . The study was released yesterday via ArXiv, an archive managed by Cornell that publishes documents before they are scrutinized and examined.

Kristen Stewart, an Artificial Intelligence scholar

Stewart's initial inspiration for the drafting of Come Swim that came from a painting she had made with her own hands. The document describes the experiments of the film-maker with style transfer (style transfer), a widespread use of machine learning that transforms an image into an artistic technique and creates a chromatic profile. Syewart and its producers have used this technology to make the Come Swim scenes exactly like Stewart's painting.

Even an Adobe employee with Stewart

The co-authors of Kristen Stewart, cited in the document, are the producers of Starlight Studios and an employee of Adobe, whose involvement in the making of the film is not yet clear. The most interesting part of this study consists in the ambitions it proposes: the work team tried to refine an algorithm to transfer the same emotional sense that permeated the painting.

The words of Kristen Stewart on the AI

Lautrice writes My painting evokes thoughts that individually – anyone of us can have on awakening, in the transition between dream and reality. We started from this premise to direct our work, making a mapping of the emotions we wanted to evoke in order to make it into algorithmic parameters.

The attempt to to better address the algorithm to produce an artistically satisfying image, proved to be more difficult than expected from what is deduced from the study. Instead of tinkering with the algorithm itself, in the production phase, they found it easier to modify the images that came from the film. The team specifically trimmed the images to be included in the software and hand in hand – added texture blocks; in this way the algorithm could have included these characteristics in a precise way to better define the final image.

Like Swim at the Sundance Film Festival

How Swim will be officially presented at the Sundance Film Festival that will take place at the end of January and was defined as a diptych of a day in the life of a man: met impressionist and half realistic portrait. while startup CreativeAI tracks projects that use coding to make music, images and other artistic expressions.

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