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Instagram Shopping is now paid directly in the app, checkout arrives

No longer necessary to click on the link of a retailer's website, Instagram makes it much easier for people to buy items they see in the feed.

More and more Instagram shopping, now comes the new checkout function to pay directly in the app, without going to the seller's website. When users decide to buy a product from a brand or retailer on Instagram, they will be able to pay for the product within the app itself. rather than leaving Instagram to end the transaction on a retailer's website. Instagram accounts for a percentage of the money earned for the sale to facilitate the purchase e collaborate with PayPal to process payments.

instagram shopping

Instagram shopping checkout

The simple idea: the fewer steps are needed to complete a purchase, the more likely people are to complete the buying process.

I love shopping, but it sucks on mobile devicessaid Ashley Yuki, the Instagram executive in charge of shopping. Between jumping from apps like Instagram to a retailer's website, entering credit card information and shipping, iThe number of steps required to buy something too cumbersome online and users abandon the purchasing process due to the complexity and slowness of buying online on mobile.

This is what Instagram hopes to resolve with its new payment feature. Users will have the credit card and shipping address stored in the app, which means that purchases will require few touches.

Historically, Instagram settled for serving as an online traffic agent when it comes to shopping, showing products through a function that the company calls shopping tag, but then directs them to a dealer who facilitates the transaction, but now things should change quickly.

The way of thinking about purchases through the social platform has evolved and shopping on Instagram has become more present. Yuki claims that 130 million people are watching product tags every month within the app, compared to only 90 million in September. Shopping is simply an opportunity not to be underestimated, especially considering that no one has yet fully breached the economic opportunities of mobile shopping; there is so much potentialsaid Yuki.

Instagram Shopping and sales tax

The company will treat a small portion of each transaction, with what defines a sales tax. Instagram does not say how much it will take, but also a small fee of this kind could bring great benefits to the company's business growth, a good incentive, considering that the revenues of the parent company Facebook are slowing down. If people were more likely to make a purchase thanks to the new direct payment function, lA publicity on the platform could become more profitable for advertisers, as for the platform.

There is also an element of further advantage for the platform linked to the data issue: any information collected as part of a transaction could be used to supplement the Facebook advertising activity, as also confirmed by Yuki. Probably Instagram already knows which products you are buying online based on third-party data collection, but collect data directly in the Facebook app, even simpler and potentially more valuable as it cuts out third parties.

In the end, Yuki would like Instagram to become a shopping destination: a service that brings all the brands and customizations you want, without requiring you to download other apps and browse between different retailers.

It drives me crazy that I have to download 10 different reseller apps and I can't see them all crossed with one another like I could do in a mall if I'm out and about., he has declared, it takes so long, not fun.

Instagram Shopping will be a standalone app?

Instagram has recently begun to include products in the exploration section of the app, where users can search for new people and brands to follow. The Verge also reported that Instagram apparently is building an independent shopping app, but the plans may change now, as one aspect to the detriment of the original project than to ask people to download a separate app just to make purchases could frustrate the purpose.

The new checkout feature will work only with a limited group of around 20 retailers and partner brands to get started, including Burberry, Michael Kors, Nike and Warby Parker. The news will be made available to American users in the coming weeks and could arrive in Europe soon.