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I live the smartphone with a fingerprint sensor on the screen

noviembre 8, 2019

Vivo presents the first smartphone in the world ready for mass production with a fingerprint sensor integrated into the screen

Vivo presents the first smartphone in the world with a fingerprint sensor integrated into the screen, ready to be produced in large volumes.

Live fingerprint reader integrated into the smartphone screen

Vivo, the first smartphone with a fingerprint sensor integrated into the display

Not Samsung or Apple, to have brought to the CES 2018 in Las Vegas the first smartphone with fingerprint scanning integrated in the screen and ready for production. A "young" but ambitious and rapidly growing global smartphone brand, Vivo will tell us more soon about the revolutionary device presented at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Vivo smartphone price

Information on availability and prices is still vague, as are the precise specifications of the phone, but the device has been repeatedly described withme "ready for mass production" in the latest Vivo press release, in support of the hopes of a commercial launch within the second quarter, presumably, in various international markets.

The fingerprint reader integrated into the Vivo screen developed by Synaptics

Developed by Synaptics, which describes itself as the one who sets the spark of the "human interface revolution", the new biometric sensor embedded in the screen "offers a more comfortable operation, without sacrificing the elegant and unique design" of the smartphone.

I live Fingerprint-Scanner

I live, how the fingerprint reader integrated in the screen works

It will no longer be necessary to discuss whether a fingerprint reader needs to occupy a precious space on the front or back of a mobile device, closer or further away from the camera, since, of course, full-screen smartphones are the future, and this breakthrough could help Vivo and many others to realize truly frameless screen designs.

Presented as "fast and secure", both for unlocking devices and for authentication for mobile payments, the In-Display fingerprint scanning technology invisible to the naked eye, even if a graphical interface will be displayed on the screen of the smartphone in "any scenario that recognizes fingerprints" as needed. "This way, you will know where to press on the screen so that your fingerprint can be recognized, after which the animation will disappear and reappear when needed.

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