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From homes to companies: Synology XS, Plus, Value Series

Synology Inc. has launched its new product line, in particular: XS DS3018xs Series; Plus series DS918 +, DS718 + and DS218 +; Value Series DS418

Synology Inc. has launched its new product line, in particular: XS DS3018xs Series: Synology's first 6-bay Nas tower, with optional supports for Ssd Sata M.2 and 10GbE; DS918 +, DS718 + and DS218 + Plus series: Higher performance and data resiliency for heavy workloads, Value Series DS418: presentation of online 4K transcoding capabilities.

To enable ultra-high performance with the SSD cache without occupying the compartments of the indoor units, the DS3018xs integrates a PCIe slot, which can be installed with a dual adapter card M.2 Ssd Sata (M2D17). The DS918 + integrates dual dedicated M.2 NVMe slots on the bottom, which can be used to house the Ssd M.2 NVMe. The DS418 offers 10-bit 4K H.265 video transcoding. The Btrfs provides reliable data protection thanks to its state-of-the-art automatic regeneration and point-in-time snapshots.

Synology XS Series

The DS3018xs, the first Nos tower Synology with 6 compartments, compact but powerful since it integrates advanced Intel Pentium D1508 dual-core processor at 2.2 GHz (Turbo Boost up to 2.6 GHz) with AES-NI encryption engine and a RAM scalable up to 32 GB, plus a storage capacity of up to 30 units with two Synology DX1215. In addition to four Gigabit Lan ports, the DS3018xs offers the ability to maximize throughput with an optional 10GbE NIC interface card, for stunning performance that exceeds 2,230 MB / s and 265,000 IOPS sequential readout.

DS3018xs synology

Synology Series Plus

The DS918 + and the DS718 + have an Intel Celeron J3455 quad-core chip. The DS918 + integrates an Intel Celeron J3355 dual-core processor. All these models are equipped with AES-NI hardware encryption engine. Thanks to the transcoding engine, these Nas Plus series servers support up to two H.265 / H.264 4K video transcoding channels. The RAM can be scaled up to 8 GB for the DS918 + and up to 6 GB for the other two products, to enable complex operations to be performed simultaneously. The DS918 + and the DS718 + are equipped with two LAN ports and have a storage capacity scalable up to 9 and 7 units respectively with the Synology DX517. To meet the demands of our customers, the DS3018xs was designed as a complete and business-ready Nas desktop. "Running mission-critical applications or planning virtualization implementations with the DS3018xs has never been easier," said Vic Hsu, CEO of Synology Inc. The new DS918 +, DS718 + and DS218 + are optimized to be digital libraries and provide excellent experiences with high definition live video transcoding anywhere.

ds918 + synology

Synology Value Series

The DS418 equipped with a 1.4 GHz quad-core processor with hardware encryption engine, 2 GB of RAM and two LAN ports. With its hardware transcoding engine, the DS418 supports H.265 4K transcoding for use as a media library. The DS418 is ideal for corporate and private users who want to manage, protect and efficiently share their critical data. The DS3018xs, DS918 +, DS718 +, DS218 + and DS418 are managed by DiskStation Manager (Dsm) 6.1, the most advanced and intuitive operating system for NAS devices, which offers a wide range of applications to improve productivity at work. Synology has received numerous media awards, for example by placing itself at the top of the mid-size Nas rankings in the TechTarget storage survey and earning the PC Mag Readers Choice title for seven consecutive years.