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Consoft Systems for the Digital Transformation of MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises updates the core business systems (booking, land and board) to offer its customers increasingly complete and efficient services.

Consoft Sistemi has identified the CA API Gateway platform to meet the needs of integration with the outside world that allows MSC Cruises to control its business operations. MSC Cruises can now meet different needs, starting from the safety and dynamic profiling of APIs (Application Programming Interface) for bookings coming from thousands of agencies in the area. At the same time, the platform was also used to implement integration with external systems, necessary for the completion of the new booking process in the redesign phase.

Consoft Sistemi MSC CruisesHe explained in the various production sectors, but especially for companies with large retail customers Fulvio Guglielmelli, Sales Manager of Consoft Sistemi (in the photo) – the boundaries of the traditional enterprise tend to be confused, with the opening of its on-premise data and app functionalities, to partner entities, to the web, to mobile apps, to smart devices and to the cloud. The APIs are the foundation of this new open enterprise, allowing companies to re-use existing information resources beyond company boundaries. The APIs enable companies to quickly reuse IT systems, add value to existing offers and activate new revenue streams. It should not come as a surprise, however, that the exposure of on-premise systems via API also creates a number of new security and management challenges. By API Management we mean a set of processes and technologies that have emerged in recent years to support companies in overcoming these challenges. API Management solutions aim to make it easier, even for the most security-conscious companies, to open their information resources for use by partner companies, mobile apps and cloud services, without compromising data security and the performance of backend systems.

In relation to this specific project, as part of its Digital Transformation plan, MSC Cruises has planned to update the company's core business systems (booking, land and board) to offer customers an increasingly complete and efficient service. Among the needs that emerged, before identifying the solution proposed by Consoft Sistemi, the new systems would have had to integrate components and services provided by commercial operators exposed through APIs, in addition, MSC would in turn have to provide efficient and secure APIs to travel agencies their partner.

Consoft Sistemi proposed the CA API Gateway platform as an integration and security solution for application APIs.CA Api GW illustrated Fulvio Guglielmelli a market leader Api Management platform for the Full Life Cycle API Management according to Gartner's Magic Quadrant. Through this platform, MSC Cruises can meet different needs with a single solution. Initially it concentrated on securing and dynamically profiling APIs for bookings from thousands of local agencies, managing peaks and types of requests in this way. The platform was also made suitable for implementing the integration towards external systems (Amadeus and Fed Servizi) necessary for the completion of the new booking process in the redesign phase, thanks to the flexibility of the gateway in the interconnection of different communication protocols.

The role of Consoft Sistemi within this project is to support MSC Cruises in the installation, design and implementation of policies within the chosen platform, identifying the most appropriate integration methods; the solution is extremely scalable, and will be able to effectively support the business volumes that the company intends to achieve.

He pointed out to our company Daniele Buonaiuto, CIO of MSC Cruises it was necessary to identify a platform capable of enhancing the integration capabilities with our partners. Consoft Sistemi, thanks to the adoption of the CA API Gateway platform, allowed us to quickly obtain a safe and controlled exposure of the APIs addressed to travel agencies. With this platform it will always be easier to manage peak bookings during periods of high turnout, as well as fast and secure booking processes.