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Cmc: towards a new digital model with Dedagroup

Dedagroup has supported Cmc in implementing Change Management initiatives: from document management to a new culture of collaboration

Founded in Ravenna by 35 masons in 1901, Cooperativa Muratori e Cementisti today is the fifth largest construction company in Italy, the first cooperative in Europe and one of the few Italian companies qualified to compete as general contractor for the largest international tenders. With a turnover of over 1.1 billion euros and 7000 people employed worldwide, Cmc realizes technologically complex works in the transport, hydroelectric and underground works sector. Present in 40 countries and 4 nations, it had to manage the growth of business volume and internationalization push, in a context of regulated market and sales cycle conditioned by tender mechanisms. His document system, however, was still almost entirely based on paper and with a basic IT support. This was no longer adequate to support the growing complexity of the relationship ecosystem.

Technological and organizational changeCmc has decided to introduce a unique group document system and to support it with a document consulting and Change Management project. With a precise objective: to align technological change with the evolution of organizational processes, harmonizing all the business aspects involved and creating a path of change that is widely understood, understood and acted upon.

The project: participated development pathDedagroup has supported Cmc in defining and implementing Change Management initiatives, helping to design and develop short, medium and long-term initiatives to better implement business improvements enabled by the new digital technology and document management system; in line with the company's strategic plan. Cmc benefited from the document management and change management methods proposed by Dedagroup, adapting them to its needs. Not only the managers of the different processes and managers contributed, but also the users and representatives of different roles and tasks. The document management processes have been optimized to improve business operations and will be the new standard for the start-up projects. Expectations are to reduce approval times and greater operational efficiency. The human factor, a key element in a digital transformation initiative, has devoted great attention to communication and training initiatives.

The future: a natively digital modelOnce the project has been implemented in all its phases, Cmc aims to reach a new natively digital document sharing model: integrated with company systems and capable of providing a variety of departments with access to the information they need, when needed. A cultural change that favors a widespread understanding of strategic choices and their transformation into operational choices at all levels of the organization and in every place where it operates.

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