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Apple TV +, new series in production: Severance, directed by Ben Stiller

Apple TV + is working on a new series: it will be called Severance, Sara directed by Ben Stiller and the protagonist will be Adam Scott, famous among other things for its role in the series Parks and Recreation is The Good Place. Red Hour Productions, Stiller's company, will be involved in the production. The first season will consist of 10 episodes.

Severance It will be a thriller focused on the world of work and set at the fictitious company Lumen Industries, which is developing new schemes to balance work and private life. Scott will play Mark, an employee with a troubled past who is trying to straighten out his life.

The work for the new series has already started several months ago: the development comes from the creative studio Endeavor Content, which already has solid relationships with Apple – it has also created the series If it's with Jason Momoa, of which we learned today that there will be a second season.