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10 design tools that you must try

Photoshop seems to lose the favor of designers, who instead like to experiment and try new tools. Here are 10 design tools to try absolutely

What are the most popular design tools? According to a recent research conducted by Khoi Vinh, one of the 50 most influential designers on a global scale, according to Fast Company Photoshop, is no longer the "forced" choice among designers. 4,000 workers from around 200 nations were interviewed and the results show that who makes design open to experimentation with new tools, in particular, welcomes with open arms those means that facilitate the process of conceptualization, perspective and prototyping in designing design objects. If you still do not know them, we propose you some of the most requested tools which we think you should definitely try!

Atomicdesign toolsa professional, practical interface design software that allows the creation of interactive prototypes on different devices. Just carry out the project via browser, which is Mac or PC does not count, and then you can view it on any other device.

Cerosdesign toolscontent creation software for those involved in marketing and design. The creation of engaging interactive content is very simple and with this tool you can create infographics, ebooks, microsites, publications, banners and much more.

ProtoSketchdesign tools A vector graphics editor specific for iPad, powerful yet immediate as if it had been designed for desktop. You can do everything from a logo to the design for the webed the perfect tool for those who want to have fun in a creative way using the dead times when traveling.

Floiddesign toolsan interface design tool suitable for any platform or device, but for now only available for Mac users.

Fusedesign toolsthe UX suite for designers and developers. It allows you to create and update the appearance of native apps in real time, simultaneously, on multiple devices. Currently available for OS X and Windows users.

Vectrdesign toolsA free graphic editor available via web or as an app for Mac. Vectr has a simple and intuitive interface, exports and shares in real time on different devices.

Picktorialdesign toolsa photo processing software coming soon. Performance is very similar to software that professionals use, but an easy and intuitive tool for Mac users. Live editing, RAW conversion and a work window have been announced. Available in beta.

Figmadesign toolsa cloud software that allows you to collaborate on interface projects starting from the idea up to the final result. You can request to use them in beta mode.

UXPindesign toolsone of the most popular perspective tools, used by thousands of designers around the world. under construction the complete restyling and rumors seem to be a really promising tool. You can subscribe to the waiting list and receive a release notification.

severitydesign toolsa web design and collaboration platform that works directly from a browser. Design, prototypes and collaboration, all in one app. The best look? completely free.