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The 6 Google apps against smartphone addiction

Digital well-being is a theme that big companies like BiG G have been marrying for a long time and trying to remedy it with digital aids

Google has created a series of experimental apps to download to reveal how much time you spend glued to your smartphone. Free apps to try to decrease and fight smartphone addiction, increasingly common in our society.

But how? Limiting for example notifications, preventing us from checking every social network and avoiding to stay with the phone in front of the face for most of the day.

The theme of digital wellness, or digital wellbeing it is becoming particularly hot and consequently companies are trying to support it. It is no coincidence that the most recent versions of Android and iOS, the two major mobile operating systems, have functions to control and limit the time we spend fixing the screen. We analyze the 6 apps against smartphone addiction in detail. The only technical requirement for these applications is the minimum software that must beAndroid 8.0 Oreo.

The app against Google's smartphone addiction

app against smartphone addiction

Unlock Clock, Not a real app, but a background that shows a large counter on the main screen of the phone that is activated every time you unlock the phone. So keep an eye on if you overdo it.

We Flip,between the apps it contrasts the most curious smartphone addiction because one social app. It has a particular function, you and your friends install the app on your phones, which are detected by each other via Bluetooth. The first person to give in to temptation and to use the phone is detected.

Post Box,it collects all your notifications and transforms them into a single screen and at a scheduled time. Exactly like the old mailboxes as explained in this video.

Morph,it has a slightly different operation between the apps, it contrasts with smartphone dependency, meaning it allows you to program your smartphone in bands, and thus adapt it for that specific dorario range (work, dinner, leisure, etc.)

Desert Island,it allows you to block applications where you can fall more into temptation and only those that are really useful and important remain active.

Paper Phone, of all the projects based on Google's digital well-being, this is probably the most extreme. Put simply, it allows us to replace our smartphone with a sheet of paper.

Using the app Paper Phone we can print in a single sheet all the information that we normally look on the smartphone but that could be very well consulted on paper.

Francesco Marino

Journalist expert in technology, for over 20 years he has dealt with innovation, the digital world, hardware, software and social media. he was editorial director of the scientific journal Newton and worked for 11 years at Gruppo Sole 24 Ore. the founder and managing director of Digitalic