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Sony O, Connectix 1

The case started over a year ago when Connectix released the Virtual Game Station (VGS), a small application capable of emulating the PSX console and running most games on the Mac. A veritable "boon" for users of our platform, always lacking in titles, a real disaster, Sony lawyers argued, who feared the collapse of hardware sales. Hence the start of a legal proceeding before a court in San Francisco. Most lawyers immediately pointed out that the case would have been very difficult for Sony to try to prove that the reverse engineering process (legal in the USA) had been implemented illegally, that is copying parts of software subjected to copyright.Connectix immediately marks a point in his favor with the rejection by the court of the block of sales of the VGS for Mac. Subsequently another court blocks the production (but not the sale of the specimens already produced) of the VGS, a provision that induced Connectix to postpone the development of a version for Windows, already at the advanced stage of realization. Now the final joint decree, we read in some articles on the Internet , based on the law for free competition which also includes the reverse engineering of products, ie their study and production of something similar, as long as this does not involve copying parts subjected to copyright.Connectix commented favorably on the court's provision that "frees software manufacturers for hardware emulation from the concern that the reverse engineering law does not apply to this sector ”, announced that it would immediately begin to put the VGS for Mac back into circulation and produce the version for Windows. At this point it may also be possible to release versions for operating systems other than the US and for gaming areas other than the USA. At the moment, in fact, the Virtual Game Station only works on System stars and stripes and does not allow you to play titles released in Europe. Connectix had declared that it did not intend to release different versions in consideration of the pending lawsuit in San Francisco. Meanwhile, Sony does not declare itself defeated, indeed it promises to bring the matter before a court of justice by June. But by that date the first PSX 2 will be in circulation in Japan and will be arriving around the world. The cause could be really obsolete