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Pope: the grandparents' app to have "grandchildren on request"

A new smartphone application allows older people to make time with friends: the funding for the Pope app is already millionaires.

Pope an app that allows people of a certain age to book a carefree period in the company of willing young people. The smartphone and computer application is being talked about in the United States, where it was created and where it has already received a round of financing of 10 million dollars.

Pope was nicknamed the application of grandchildren since it allows adults who are forced to be alone to find comfort and friendship in younger people, as if they were just grandchildren in time.

The Pope app and help for seniors

Papa was founded in 2016 by Andrew Parker, as well as an app,Popepresents itself as a digital company dedicated to health that provides "grandchildren on demand" to the elderly. In order to help treat the epidemic of loneliness that in recent times, thanks to the lengthening of life, affects, according to a report by the United States Department of Health, about 28% of the elderly in the United States, or more than 13 millions of people, the Pope app tries to make the lives of those living alone less difficult.

As happened in other successful startups, the idea for Pope came to Parker after a personal experience: his grandfather, who suffers from senile dementia, needed help at home. From the purchase of food to travel, it was necessary for the elderly to find stable and reliable support.

But "Pope", as Parker's family called his grandfather, needed not only traditional home care services, but a social connection. The family then put the relative in contact with a university student to help him manage his daily life and keep him company.

App Pope grandparents and grandchildren

The success of the grandchildren's app

That connection between two distinct generations inspired the project: so the Pope app was born – “grandchildren on request". The company uses digital tools, such as a website, a mobile app and a call center to match seniors with university students. The company is part of a subgroup of technological startups for health that meet the social needs of the elderly and carries out strict controls on the young people available.

Parker said that the Pope Pals, as the hired grandchildren are called, have to undergo a personality test and other tests to make sure they have the kind of personality they need. Only 15% of the candidates become a Pope Pals and these are then paid at the time. Very often, it is medical insurance that covers the expenses of the applicants, given that the function of Papa App considered a medical service useful to the community.

The diffusion of Pope app

Students offer company moments in the form of shared walks, help at home and other activities. The main health plans deal with the bill to be paid because the Pope app has shown that the service can significantly improve the health status of older people. The services available so far for members include simple company, non-emergency transport for medical appointments, spending and organizational assistance in general. After the investment received, the Pope app available in 14 American states, including the densely populated Texas, California and Florida, and, as explained by Parker, Pope will use funding to expand his services to a larger population of older people, through partnerships with insurance and pension plans.

Pope amplier also his presence of services in 2020 to 25 US states to answer the numerous questions arrived.

App Pope grandparents and grandchildren

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