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New Microsoft keyboards, the Office and Emoji keys arrive

Two changes to adapt to the needs of users with more modern features

A bluetooth keyboard and an ergonomic and slim keyboard that include the dedicated button for Office and Emoji. The new Microsoft keyboards presented themselves like this, with two implemented changes,an integral part of the pre-definable and incoming keyboard next 15 October.

On the new Microsoft keyboard Office key replaces the Windows keyto the right of the Spacebar and can be used to launch the Office for Windows app 10 which acts as a hub for Microsoft's productivity suite. You can also use the Office button with quick shortcuts to start Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more. For example the key Office + W opens Word while Office + X opens Excel.

On these new Microsoft keyboards next to the Office button, there is also the new Emoji button.Avvier the Emoji selector within Windows 10. You will not be able to assign a specific emoji or for example create shortcuts like for the Office function.Only open one window from which it will be possible to select the smiley face to be inserted.

detail new office and emoji keys

An emoji key on Microsoft's new keyboards clearly unusual. But the Redmond company is targeting this new hardware for companies where Office is very present and the use of emoji is constantly increasing. You see messaging enthusiasts and documents seasoned with smilies and other trend-setting pictographic elements.

Nemeio the fully customizable e-ink keyboard

The keyboards were shown last October 2, during the presentation of the new Surface devices, and have been on sale this week in the United States.

As for i prices of the two new Microsoft keyboards, that ergonomic will have a price of $ 59.99 and include a fabric wrist rest. It will be wired to the PC via the USB port. The Bluetooth keyboard, the smallest of Microsoft, will be sold at a price of $ 49.99 and will have the Bluetooth 5.0 support with a battery life of up to 3 years.

Regardingthe integration of new keys on third-party PC keyboards, not clear at the moment if they will ever be adopted. Most of the keyboards come with the dedicated Windows key and Microsoft has entered into license agreements for its use and to ensure that the appearance is uniform and functional between the different products.