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Google Maps incognito: the version to surf without leaving traces arrives

noviembre 3, 2019

With one click no record of the last searched positions, of the last trips made and of the positions in which we have been

Google Maps incognito … will not leave traces. A new function that so many hoped for? Let's say that this privacy will improve. No record of the last searched positions, of the last trips made and of the positions in which we have been. Having said little? Once activated, Googlenon will register more searched positionsin our account, you will not then show the last positions in which we have been nor the routes followed.

Google Maps incognito, how it works

incognito google maps

The function will be easy to activate. In Maps for smartphones, just tap our profile photo at the top, on the search bar, to choose the anonymous mode and then start browsing. A black bar will indicate we are navigating incognito. Instead from the computer already active. Just go to Maps with the Chrome browser and the incognito navigation activated. To signal the fact that browsing on Google Maps from PC will be activated automatically the incognito navigation mode. Therefore, no user interaction is necessary.

Google Maps tests safety camera and accident reports

The new feature on Maps being tested for Android users and opens up scenarios for new attention in private geolocation. At the moment, I do not know when Google Maps incognito mode will be made available to all (including iOS users), but since the function is already in its beta version, we probably expect a full launch in a very future next one.

In addition to Google Maps incognito mode, Big G is also making it easier to understand what data is collected by each app.Touching your profile icon in Chrome, Search Assistent, YouTube, News and Maps, you will be able to access a setting called "your data" that will allow you to check for a while Google can remain "hooked" to your information.

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