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Google Cameos, the VIP video responses app now on Android

The application designed for celebrities who publish video-answers for fans

Last August Big G had launched a curious app called Google Cameos. An application designedonly for celebrities and public figures. It introduced a way for the stars to respond to their fans. Such as? With videos. Recordings of short video responses to the most frequent questions of the people of the web about "Google search".

The operation explained in the app description initially available only for iOS systems and now also launched for Android: "Record video responses to frequently asked questions on Google and publish them on Google. Now, when people research you, they will get the answers directly from you".

The purpose therefore is to allow public authorities to read the questions and reply directly through the app itself. recording a short video using the front camera. Video response then shown in the Googlerelative question to a topic similar to that of the answer.

Google Cameos app screen

The application is also proposed for offer greater visibility to celebritiesand to be a means to clarify any voices connected to delicate events that may involve public figures, which can be potentially harmful to the work and private life of celebrities themselves.

For example, we could find a video by Marco Carta who, following numerous questions about the stolen T-shirt story, explains in a short clip he recorded whether it was true or not.

Google Cameos type of questions The Google Cameos app designed only for people in the public domain or those that represent them. Google accepts registration via the app, essentially asking just a name (and a report if you represent someone important eg you are a VIP agent), a email address is a phone number.

However, Google has included in the demo mode (from which registration takes place) the possibility for us "normal people" to have an idea of ​​how the app works, but not much more than a simple experience with a limited space within Google Cameos.

As you can see in the picture, the VIP or public figure receives notifications based on three types of required situations.

The frequently asked questions made on Google, le questions from fans is research trends on the public domain character.

In the USA, this application does not seem to have gained much ground yet. Let us also say that it was not very successful. Let alone in Italy.With the release of Google Cameos on Android, perhaps you could see progress.