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On Piacentini still Apple silence

Our mailbox (domain transfer permitting …) is always open, in full respect of the opinions of each, to welcome new messages. Meanwhile, after a few days from the rumor that Piacentini would have resigned, Apple has not still released an official statement in this regard. The silence gives hope to someone in the possibility of a rethink by the vice president for Europe and in a re-composition of the controversy with the Cupertino leadership. At the moment, however, Macity sources agree that it is very unlikely to take a step back with respect to decisions taken on the basis of well-founded motivations. This means that the loss of Piacentini, a man who has been able to gain esteem and sympathy beyond his professional role even among many users and enthusiasts of the platform, must now be considered an established fact. Still about Piacentini it is worthwhile to read the profile and the memory in his role as Apple manager who traces our friend Luca Accomazzi on his personal home page.