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New G3 only in the fall?

According to the site dedicated to rumors, in fact, the Texan company is struggling with problems related to the chip structure itself, such problems that on a 300 piece wafer only two or three, on the facts, are certifiable as capable of reaching 500 MHz. Most microprocessors, AppleInsider always says, reach 350 MHz or at most 400 MHz. Few are even those that can be certified at 450 MHz, so much so that most of those that are mounted on the machines on the market would be part of the wafers from 500 MHz, results not suitable for that speed. And that the problem is really worrying would also prove the difficulties that IBM is also encountering to accelerate the speed of the processors. Big Blue, which would have entered into an exclusive supply contract with Apple for its G4 chips, must face obstacles similar to those encountered by Motorola and which until now have prevented the production of 500 MHz chips for end users According to AppleInsider, which claims to have had information from IBM internal sources, the situation should change slightly until the next revision of G4 (V'gear). Then, once the limitations of engineering the current version have been overcome, the machines Apple could take off towards higher speeds than today. Unfortunately, the new version of the G4 would not be expected for the most optimistic month of June, or even for the most pessimistic fall. News that, if confirmed, presupposes a difficult period for the high-end machines of Apple forced to fight with a competition that exponentially increases the speed of its processors. Recall that next autumn Intel and AMD could present for the first time a 1 GHz processor. That the hope of keeping the computer market with the apple is entrusted, at least in the short term, to new implementations of G3 that according to some source could it reach 600 or even 700 MHz by the year? Perhaps we will know something more at the conference of microprocessors held during the month of February.