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Intel has the first 1 GHz processor

Willamette (who will still have a 32-bit architecture) will replace the Pentium generation which is expected to approach (but perhaps not exceed) GHz in the second half of this year. AMD, meanwhile, is not watching and plans to launch a 900 MHz Athlon before the second half of the year. Intel's biggest competitor also plans to implement a new architecture on the same Athlon as soon as possible, code names, depending on the versions, Spitfire, Thunderbird and Mustang thanks to which Athlon will exceed the GHz speed by the end of the year. If the rumors released yesterday by AppleInsider, according to which Macs will stay true to the speed of 500 MHz until the fall, were true, Apple's makers of marketing would have something to shake about. Beyond the bombastic declarations of Jobs and its demonstrations with processors, the G4, which "smokes" the competition even if it has a nominal speed of 200 MHz higher, on the market a processor with pi MHz unquestionably has more space and more campaign print of one who sits behind him