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Farewell to FreeMac

FreeMac reinvents itself as NadaPC and will offer terminals for connection to the network instead of iMac. "The entire responsibility of Apple – said the FreeMac president, Johnathan Strum – told CNet, they didn't want to give us the machines, not even paying them at full price. We will tell all those who had signed our offer that Apple does not want them to have a computer for free. "According to Strum, FreeMac has tried in every way to get approval from the Cupertino management, which, according to him, is they are instead shown first indifferent and then hostile even prohibiting the purchase from retailers. "The excuse that retailers can only sell to end users. But it is a meaningless justification. There are companies that buy from CompUSA and then give computers to their employees. What difference would there have been with the FreeMac model? In my experience the idea that on one hand there is a Microsoft Goliath and on the other hand a heroic David-Apple cannot be more distant from the truth. Apple, at least as far as distribution is concerned, has one of the most restrictive positions on the market ".