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Maggiani, Macity and Panorama

to use Sherlock for Internet searches and to "hate Windows and love the Mac". The interview also reads "My absolute favorite Macity site, where everything, not just technology but also how Steve Jobs is or if his daughter has a new boyfriend". Dutiful thanks to Maggiani for the profession of esteem for us and a tirade of ears (on both and stronger than the average) to the journalist Anna Masera who managed to make three mistakes in quoting our site. He writes Mac City, points to our domain as www.maccity and adds the suffix .com, almost as if it were taken for granted that an interesting site cannot end with .it. And what the hell did it take to type in the address and check which site Maggiani was referring to? Not everyone is obliged to know that Macity exists but it would have been enough to pay a visit to the address in question. Then even the nice Masera would probably have thought that Maggiani could not refer to a Spanish site (, in fact) that sells Mac products. Evidently writing in a magazine that focuses on the Internet does not automatically subtract journalists from the question that the "Multimedia Grandfather" would have placed on an occasion like this "but you understand us of Internette ???