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Mac: not just graphics

Among others, MacHotel is an integrated hotel management software. Also interesting is "Beauty Mac", for the management of Beauty Salons, Hairdressers, Hairdressers and Solarium, usable with iMac. A chain of 10 optical shops then uses OtticalMac and all on iMac Tangerine. There is no shortage of packages for the management of Public Bodies, the Registry Office, Financial Accounting, Resolutions, etc.

    Many applications – tells us the managing director of Informatics Biella Ivano Bernuzzo – not only ours are available to be safely used on iMac and iBooks and all tested with products of international manufacturers for serial / usb conversion. There is probably a lot of misinformation. Perhaps in this regard Apple and other National or Regional distributors could do something more to let them know what their possibilities are. An attitude that makes an important contribution in terms of sales to other companies like IBM, HP and Compaq that certify software from many manufacturers.