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La Fonera – wireless router

There he is! Fon's wireless router arrived earlier than expected: ?La Fonera".Fonerafon a wireless community that allows you to have internet access wherever another "Fonero" is available, ie a user of the Fon community. As explained on the website, each user shares his or her ADSL connection via the wireless router and has the ability to use all the Fon connections found around the world; It is a very beautiful thing, which in Italy raises some doubts as it is theoretically illegal to share one's band.The Fon community router that is available already configured costs 29.95 and can buy it directly from the site.

I must say that they are extremely fast in shipping and this week I received the wireless router already.

The content of the box: the router, stickers, a manual, cd, power supply and also an ethernet cable that is always convenient: P

Here it is in all its white splendor 🙂the fonera

Compared to others on the market, a wireless router really small!

You will come back soon to go into the subject and talk about the other possibilities of the Fon Community (you can also earn some money). Be ready for more posts on ?La Fonera": D