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Jobs flies too high?

, specializing in analysis of compensation for top executives, could have a value ranging from 300 to 500 million dollars. "I am a supporter of high-value rewards," But Brian Hall told Wired, "but the figure seems abnormally high. This is 6.2% of the total on the Apple stock market ". If Jobs were to exercise the option on 10 million shares it would become, therefore, in fact the major shareholder of the company. According to other experts in the field, J. Richard, CEO of J. Richard & Co., a company that deals with compensation for company executives (it seems that in the US there are experts who deal with analyzing and advising on all sorts aspect of social life), the work of the Apple board of directors fully justified by what Jobs has done in the last 30 months. J. Richard continues to harbor some doubts about the plane, a choice that seems out of place in the Silicon Valley corporate culture where egalitarianism is still an image element. "If we want to talk about the reasonableness of the package – adds Bengt Homstrom, a professor of economics at MIT, who is also an expert on top executives compensation – just look at the reactions of the shareholders. It seems to me that no one has had much to say about it and this is very significant as to the reasonableness or otherwise of the compensation. The salary of just one dollar a year? I don't think Jobs needs a salary with 10 million shares in option "