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Bill Gates no longer head of Microsoft

But Gates doesn't say hello or leave. Rester in fact in Microsoft of which he will be chairman and "chief software architect", a new charge created specifically for the resigning CEO who should, substantially, be a sort of "coordinator of Microsoft programmers". "I did the same job for almost 25 years – said Gates – and the enthusiasm of the first days now behind me. now I will spend most of my time writing code to improve Win2000 and promote the market. " Some observers, while stressing that Gates' control of Microsoft's strategies remain unchanged, point to this turning point as not only symbolic. In fact, Ballmer, one of the emerging figures of American IT management and in recent months his role within the Redmond giant had become increasingly relevant. The fact that he has now taken on the role of CEO is an important step forward in his ascent and not just a formality. Ballmer, described as aggressive, motivated and extremely attentive to new technologies, according to the observers, not therefore a simple stand-in for Gates but a really new character and potentially capable of modifying Microsoft's strategic course. The change of course, on the other hand, comes at a delicate moment during which the Internet is turning the face of the computer world upside down, while the Justice Department is reflecting on the punishments to be inflicted on Microsoft itself and during a battle, the most difficult from the moment of its affirmation, in the course of which Windows has in front of fearsome adversaries like Linux. Situations that Ballmer will have to deal with in order to continue to guarantee the dominant position he has had over the last 15 years for the windows operating system. In any case, Gates will remain the deus ex machina of the company, a great old man with whom everyone (including Ballmer) will always have to deal, and the task of continuing to represent the Microsoft icon.