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The Google Assistant now helps you find Tile trackers and lost items

While waiting for Apple to present its tiles, which at the moment are simply known as Apple tags, the Google assistant keeps the promise made long ago, and now lets you find the tile trackers with minimal effort. That's how.

First of all, to allow Google's virtual assistant to find the tiles again, you will need to connect them via Bluetooth within the Google Home app, set Voice Match in the Assistant and ask by voice to locate the trackers. And so, using a simple sentence, after recalling the Google Assistant, it will be possible to find the objects connected to the Tile, such as the house keys, rather than those of the machine.

In this way, thanks to the direct connection in the Home app, you can use a simple sentence, instead of the more complex command "Ask Tile" whenever you want to find your tracker. You can be more direct and ask the assistant to simply ring the keys or find the bag.

The Google Assistant now helps you find the Tile trackers

It works on any device compatible with the Googke Assistant, although for the initial installation you will need the Tile app on Android or iOS. While Assistant support for Bluetooth trackers is still quite poor (Chipolo is the only other brand to work, as engadget reminds us), the addition of really significant Tile, because it is among the best known and used by users.

Furthermore, support for a digital assistant makes these tags even more functional, versatile and useful, because they make the search for a specific object connected to the tracker really easy.

For some months now there has been talk of the possibility that Apple is working on the development of an accessory similar to Tile, which will help users keep track of their personal effects, such as keys, wallets and backpacks. This emerged in the past from an internal build of iOS 13, with important details and some fragmented information from a few months ago. At the moment nothing official, but there seems to be no doubt that sooner or later they will arrive on the market.