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The first screens of Windows 10X seem to be those of a mixed desktop / mobile system

Windows 10 X the operating system that Microsoft will offer with the recently unveiled dual screen devices: Surface Neo and the Android Surface Duo smartphone.

The name should be the definitive name of a particular version of Windows, designed specifically for devices with dual dual screens or a folding display. It is not clear what the "X" refers to, but Panos Panay, Chief Product Officer at Microsoft, during the last keynote of the House of Redmond has repeatedly used the term "expression".

The site Liliputing reports a series of documents obtained by cross streets from which screens have been obtained that allow to understand what to expect from the graphic point of view from the new system. Windows 10 X looks like a mix between a desktop operating system and a system for mobile devices, with features optimized for touch.

Overall, the operating system will function as a Windows desktop, also supporting legacy applications and the Windows Store or the Universal Windows Platform apps, the company's architecture / platform for developing applications that can be used on multiple systems in the same home.

The first screens of Windows 10X seem to be those of a mixed desktop / mobile system

The taskbar, the Start menu (now called "Launcher"), the Quick Settings callable from the Action Center and the Lock Screen (the screen shown every time the system is reopened once we exit the suspension), are all elements modified , taking into account the specificity of the new devices.

The most important change concerns the Launcher: a window from which it is possible to call up the various apps and perform searches, a bit like the MacOS Launchpad. The user can modify the list of apps displayed with drag & drop, show only some apps or all and view the list of recommended ones. It is also possible to create folders as on iOS and iPadOS, a useful feature to group items by categories. The Launcher supports touch but can also be used with the keyboard or voice.

The first screens of Windows 10X seem to be those of a mixed desktop / mobile system

The Taskbar is an evolution of the current one in Windows 10. You can use it to launch apps by clicking on the related icons, view the active apps and "pin" apps and folders that you use most often. A specific icon allows you to view recently launched apps, regardless of whether they are active or not. From the Quick Settings you can change various settings including those related to WiFI, cellular data, Bluetooth, Hotspot, Airplane mode, language settings, do not disturb, accessibility, energy saving, etc.

The various modifications serve to make Windows 10 more suitable as an operating system for tablets. It is not clear if Microsoft will continue to develop two variants of Windows or if the various features integrated in WIndows 10 X will be the default ones for all future operating systems.

Surface Neo and Microsoft Surface Duo are, for the moment, prototypes. Information and new details will emerge in the coming months, with complete technical features and price information.