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The best programs to click with the mouse automatically

Some computer operations are so repetitive that sometimes you will surely be asked if it is possible to have the mouse click repeatedly on the same point or on a button, a menu or anything else that can be activated with the cursor. Instead of always repeating the same gesture mechanically, you can get help from programs called Autoclick (or even auto clickers), which can automatically click with your mouse for you without having to physically repeat the gesture on the device. In this guide you will be shown the best programs to automatically click with the mouse which you can try on a PC.

How to click automatically with the mouse

Free Mouse Clicker

Free Mouse Clicker perhaps the easiest free program to use to automate mouse clicks. You can download it from the following link.

DOWNLOAD |Free Mouse Clicker

Free Mouse Clicker

With this small program you can set the automatic action interval, the type of action (right or left click), simulate the number of clicks to be made automatically and set keyboard shortcuts to decide when to activate or deactivate the autoclick. Obviously the mouse will be left in position on the button or on the item you want to click on to be effective.

GS Auto Clicker

Another program you can try on your PC to automate mouse clicks GS Auto Clicker, downloadable from the following link.

DOWNLOAD |GS Auto Clicker

GS Auto Clicker

The use of this program is really very simple: with the program active, press the button F8 of the keyboard and immediately you will get the continuous pressure at regular intervals of the left mouse click, without having to do anything else. Just press again F8 to deactivate the autoclick. You can make adjustments to the click frequency and the type of mouse button to press by going to the menu Options.


Another small program to automatically click on the PC AutoMouseClicker, a portable program (ie without having to install it) available from the following link.

DOWNLOAD |AutoMouseClicker

Auto Mouse Clicker

With this small program you will be able to decide the time interval between the various mouse clicks, choose whether to use the right or left button or locate the precise point where the mouse will have to position itself to make automatic clicks, so as to also automate the dragging process of the same.

Auto Mouse Click

A much more complete free program for automatically clicking with the Auto Mouse Click mouse, available from the following link.

DOWNLOAD |Auto Mouse Click

Auto Mouse Click

With this program you will be able to simulate the click of any mouse button using the many options available, with the possibility of creating automatic macros to make clicks in precise areas of the screen. In this way you won't even have to leave the mouse in position to get automatic clicks, but you just need to leave the window or key interested in view and configure the program to always move the mouse into position and click automatically. The program offers macros already preset to perform commonly used actions. Also available are video tutorials that explain some of the most interesting uses you can make with the program.