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Signify takes part in the "Io, Robotto" exhibition with Philips Hue installations

Signify, formerly known as Philips Lighting, a global leader in the lighting industry, is participating as a partner in Io, Robotto Automix, which takes place in Milan until 19 January 2020 at the Fabbrica del Vapore.

The exhibition is the result of a collaboration between the journalist Massimo Triulzi and the Municipality of Milan and an exhibition itinerary of a predominantly historical and technological nature, in which 115 automata can be discovered that have entered the collective imagination over the last few decades.

Signify, which adheres to the project as a lighting partner, present in all the halls of the exhibition, illuminating the robots and all the pieces on display and furthermore, also has an area entirely dedicated to Philips Hue, the family of connected lighting products, where you will be able to discover the company's main solutions in the field of smart lighting.

Here are some of the products used for the exhibition, born for the home but able to offer their special support even in an area open to the general public.

White and Color Ambiance Starter Kit and The Hue Go Portable Smart LampThe White and Color Ambiance Starter Kit, the solution to recreate infinite light scenarios: with over 16 million colors, you can transform your home into a perfect ballroom or set the most suitable lighting to combine sleep. Philips Hue Go is a smart portable lamp that offers all the features of the Hue system, such as the possibility to set the brightness of the bulbs to gradually increase or decrease, recalling the effect of sunrise and sunset.

Philips Hue LightstripThe LED strip now available in both outdoor and indoor versions, Philips Hue Lightstrip, the latest addition to the Hue range. It is a flexible strip ideal for decorating the house and garden in different ways, whether to emphasize the flower beds or to create a little more atmosphere, during an evening with friends

Philips Hue Signe lampThe Philips Hue Signe lamp, available in both table and floor versions, allows you to decorate your home with indirect light in any color or any shade of white. This lamp is characterized by a thin and modern design that blends perfectly into any environment, creating a unique light effect on your walls.

Signify has always been dedicated to developing products and systems that can improve people's lives. says Corrado Massone, Marketing Director for Italy, Israel and Greece of Signify We are excited to participate in the Io, Robotto exhibition, and thus once again underline our commitment to the promotion and development of new technologies dedicated to smart living

Signify takes part in the Io, Robotto exhibition with Philips Hue installations

Signify is also a deception partner of Amazon, which is present at the show with its Amazon Echo devices with integrated Alexa compatible with the Philips Hue line products capable of exploiting artificial intelligence to turn lights on and off and make everyday life easier. Information on the IoRobotto exhibition visit this page.