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Italian Stock Exchange: the best apps to follow stock trends and …

If you have made an investment in the stock market by buying stocks and shares, you will know when it is important to follow step by step stock market, since the situation can evolve quickly between one day and another (sometimes even within a few minutes!).

If you do not have a computer or notebook available, how can you check the progress of the securities you have, so as to decide whether to sell or buy?

Find out in this complete guide the best apps to follow the Italian Stock Exchange and all the other bags present worldwide, so you never get caught unprepared.

Italian Stock Exchange: the best apps

Italian Stock Exchange

There is nothing better than to immediately try the official app released by Italian Stock Exchange. The free Italian stock exchange application available for Apple and Android smartphones:

DOWNLOAD |Borsa Italiana (iOS)

DOWNLOAD |Borsa Italiana (Android)

Italian Stock Exchange on App

Although the appearance of the app is quite spartan, all the essential functions are present to follow the trend of the main index and of all the listed companies, with the possibility of setting alert alerts when the stock drops or rises too abruptly (sign of a sudden movement of the title). Definitely the best starting point for anyone who wants to follow the stocks on the Italian Stock Exchange.

Yahoo Finance

Another app not to be missed to follow all the securities listed on the stock exchange Yahoo Finance, available to download for any platform from the following links.

DOWNLOAD |Yahoo Finance (iOS)

DOWNLOAD |Yahoo Finance (Android)

Yahoo Finance

The app is much more detailed from a graphic point of view than the official one on the stock exchange, it allows to see the trend also for foreign titles and offers an interesting section reserved for cryptocurrencies, a new speculative tool that newspapers and newscasts talk about a lot . The app also has an effective alerting feature on stock performance so you can always know when to intervene and when to let it go.

BNP Stock Quotes

Another very useful app to follow the Italian Stock Exchange and its securities Stock quotes, issued in collaboration with the BNP Paribas banking group and available for download from the links below.

DOWNLOAD |Stock Quotes (iOS)

DOWNLOAD |Stock Quotes (Android)

Stock quotes

This app shows the trend of the shares of Piazza Affari in real time, as well as an interesting News section that allows you to be updated and check all the news related to the world of finance; in this way you will always have a very clear picture of the right time to sell or to buy.

The app allows you to search for any security listed on the stock exchange and also to recover your stocks held at BNL banks, so as to intervene immediately in the event of dangerous fluctuations.

MSN Money

I couldn't not even tell you the appMSN Money, the financial app managed by Microsoft to keep up to date on the stock exchange. It can be found in the App Store and in the Google Play Store:


DOWNLOAD |MSN Money (Android)

MSN Money

The app allows you to immediately get the latest news related to the world of finance, offers a screen dedicated to the trend of the main stock on the stock exchange and allows you to customize the portfolio with all the titles in your possession, so as to check immediately if they are downhill or in ascent and to intervene promptly, also thanks to notifications.

Stocks: Realtime Quotes Charts

Among the most successful foreign apps to follow stocks in real time or only those of your interest, it certainly stands out Stocks: Realtime Quotes Charts, downloadable for free from the following links:

DOWNLOAD |Stocks: Realtime Quotes Charts (iOS)

DOWNLOAD |Stocks: Realtime Quotes Charts (Android)

Stocks Realtime Quotes Charts

Despite the somewhat spartan graphics, this app allows you to follow multiple indexes or actions at a time, obtaining trend charts and personalized news quickly and quickly, so that you can always keep track of each stock.

Really very useful, in particular if you have titles on foreign stock exchanges or you like to follow the entire world of finance at 360 degrees.