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iPhone 11 also in South Korea: in the first day sales 30% higher than last year

From Friday 25 October the iPhone 11 will also be on sale in South Korea, home to Samsung and LG. On the first day it was marketed, we are talking about 130,000 units sold. Report the site PatentlyApple which cites as a source unspecified operators in the sector.

In South Korea, Apple introduced iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, phones that target consumers of premium devices with 4G LTE.

The estimated numbers are 30% higher than what happened last year with iPhone XS, Max and XR, presented in November last year.

For the analyst Ming Chi Kuo strong launch for iPhone 11, Apple will sell 75 million iPhone

The figures in question are high considering that in South Korea devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 are on sale since August and that it boasts, among other things, the 5G, which is not present on Apple devices.

According to industry insiders, local consumers have been favorably impressed by the positive responses coming from the US and Japan, where iPhone 11 was launched a month earlier than South Korea. Many users prefer 4G devices for connection quality issues 5G.

The iPhone 11 came in conjunction with the return of Lee Jae-yong, vice president of Samsung Electronics and in fact head of the entire Samsung group. In 2017 Lee had been sentenced to five years in prison for corruption and other crimes, but on appeal the sentence had been suspended and in February last year he had been released from prison.